Expat Focus Financial Update January 2024

Finland: Changes to Schengen Visa Regulations Finland has recently increased the minimum daily amount that you will need to remain in the country under a Schengen visa, from €30 to €50. You’ll also need a sponsorship form if you’ve been invited to Finland, and if your expenses will be covered by the organisation or person … Read more

4 Countries Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Expat Entrepreneurs

In an era of increased globalization, the talent pool is no longer confined to borders. Many countries have recognized the importance of attracting skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads from abroad. The expat community has proven to be a driving force in economic development, technological innovation, and cultural exchange. In response, several countries have launched … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update December 2023

Medical Authorities Warn of New Health Concern in Europe Recent reports of a pneumonia outbreak in China, primarily affecting children, have raised concerns among European health authorities regarding a potential future epidemic in the EU. The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL) has observed a higher-than-expected number of patients seeking medical attention for pneumonia, … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update December 2023

Banking for UK Expats We have reported extensively on the closure of UK expat bank accounts post-Brexit and the situation is still ongoing. If you have been affected by your bank’s decision but still require a UK bank account, what options are available to you? A report by ‘Which’ in November 2023 unveiled several choices. … Read more

The Most Affordable Places To Buy Property In Asia 2024

In recent years, the Asian property market has undergone notable changes, influenced by factors such as rapid urbanization, technological advancements, and demographic shifts, alongside the global repercussions of events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional real estate hubs in Asia have experienced escalating property values, often making them unattainable for the average buyer. In contrast, several … Read more

The Most Affordable Places To Buy Property In Europe 2024

In recent years, the European property market has witnessed a dynamic shift, influenced by factors such as changing lifestyle preferences, economic fluctuations, and the impact of global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. While some traditional hotspots have seen their property values skyrocket, making them less accessible to the average buyer, other regions have emerged as … Read more

Expat Focus Wellbeing Update November 2023

The French Wellness Frontier This month’s focus is on France—a country recently dubbed by Tatler as the ‘new frontier’ for luxury wellness escapes. The South of France has long been a hotspot for glamour and the celebrity lifestyle, with a coastal region developing from a series of tiny fishing villages in the early part of … Read more