Insurance Considerations And Solutions For US Expats In 2024 – 2024 US Expat Finance Conference

As part of the 2024 US Expat Finance Conference, David Tompkins from Expat Financial delivered an insightful session on insurance considerations and solutions for American expats. With over two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Tompkins shared valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the complex world of global health insurance, life insurance, and … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update May 2024

Expats’ Pensions Affected By Serious Fraud The Times reported in late April on a fraud that may affect £2.37 billion worth of pensions held by 10,000 British expats. An investigation by the Sunday Times has revealed that executives at financial advice firm Brite may have transferred millions of pounds from expat pensions to their own … Read more

Possible Legislative Remedies for US Taxation of Expats – 2024 US Expat Finance Conference

The 2024 US Expat Finance Conference kicked off with a comprehensive presentation by Mary Louise Serrato, Executive Director of American Citizens Abroad (ACA), on the group’s ongoing efforts to address the complex tax issues faced by Americans living overseas. Serrato began by introducing ACA, a non-partisan advocacy organization founded in 1978 to represent the interests … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update April 2024

Spanish Hospitals ‘Crackdown’ After Painkiller Scandal In Spain, the National Court’s Prosecutor’s Office plans to investigate potential adverse effects of the painkiller Nolotil, following several deaths among Brits and other Northern Europeans, who appear particularly susceptible to its side effects. Health Minister Mónica García described the situation as a “pharmacovigilance issue” to the press and … Read more

Empowering LGBTQ+ Expats To Thrive Abroad

Carlie: Hey there it’s Carlie with the Expat Focus Podcast. Have you explored the ‘Services’ section of our website? There, you can compare moving quotes, price up international health insurance from leading providers, and get help from qualified financial planners. Just head to, and click on ‘Services’ at the top. Today’s guest, Jess Drucker, has … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update March 2024

HMRC Complains About ‘Stealth Expats’ Although there has been a steep decline recently in the number of expats contacting HMRC with news of their move out of the UK, tax experts remain sceptical. The volume of P85 forms received by HMRC in 2019-2023 (these tell the tax authorities that someone has left the country for … Read more

Am I Still UK Tax Resident?

by Megan Tarr, Writer at Global Expatriate Tax Services (GETS). GETS is the official Expat Focus UK Taxation partner and is available to answer readers’ UK tax questions.  Have you recently moved abroad from the UK, perhaps to the United States? Or the Middle East? You may now be wondering: ‘am I still a UK tax … Read more