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Expat Focus Financial Update January 2020

Posted on Monday January 27, 2020 (08:30:34)

Isle of Man attracts expats

The government of the Isle of Man, off the coast of Britain, has recently implemented new measures to encourage expats to move to its shores. These include a National Insurance holiday scheme, enabling expats to take home up to 15% more of their gross pay than they would in the UK.   more ...


Expat Focus Financial Update December 2019

Posted on Thursday December 19, 2019 (21:20:06)

Australian expats remain concerned about new capital gains tax

The Australian government's plans to levy capital gains taxes on Australian citizens who own properties in the country but live abroad is still causing concern among expats.   more ...


What Is The British State Pension And How Might It Change?

Posted on Friday December 06, 2019 (18:24:27)

by Oliver Heslop, UK Tax Specialist

Calling all Brits in the Middle East (and the USA, and Europe, and…)

The British State pension: Is this a dead duck, and do you as an expat ever think about it?

You can still be eligible and secure one. For many years (probably fifty), the UK government have honoured the state pension rights of British people living abroad, as well as anyone who worked in the UK for a few years (normally three or more).   more ...


Expat Focus Financial Update November 2019

Posted on Monday November 25, 2019 (10:34:48)

Saudi Arabia Announces Continuing Fees

Saudi Arabia's fees for expats will continue to increase in 2020, according to the Finance Ministry. Currently, expats have to pay 300 SAR (£62 GBP / $80 USD) per month for any dependents they bring into the country. In 2020, this fee is slated to rise to 400 SAR (£83 GBP / $106 USD).   more ...


Expat Focus Financial Update October 2019

Posted on Monday October 28, 2019 (12:29:15)

Preparations For South African 'Expat Exemption' Amendments Under Way

The "expat exemption" act has some considerable changes planned for March 2020. Under the new rules, expats' income will be taxable abroad, including any benefits and expenses they might have claimed.   more ...


Expat Focus Financial Update September 2019

Posted on Thursday September 26, 2019 (14:27:38)

Retiring Abroad 'Increasingly Unachievable' For British People

Brits who dream of retiring to sunnier climes are facing increasing difficulties when they try to do so, according to the Department for Work and Pensions.

The main reason for this is the deflation of the pound compared with other currencies, particularly the euro. Popular destinations with British expats, such as Spain, Portugal and the South of France, are no longer seen as affordable by many.   more ...


Expat Focus Financial Update August 2019

Posted on Monday August 19, 2019 (18:00:07)

More money lures young expats overseas

Young expats heading overseas on a work assignment could see a 35% salary boost, a survey reveals. According to the HSBC report, their salary rises from $40,358 to $54,484 (£33,204 to £44,826), on average.   more ...


Expat Focus Financial Update July 2019

Posted on Tuesday July 23, 2019 (15:42:30)

Offshore account crackdown by HMRC

A crackdown by HM Revenue and Customs on money hidden offshore by British expats has delivered £560 million to its coffers. HMRC’s ‘Offshore, Corporate and Wealth Unit’ generated the tax take from its investigations into British taxpayers with offshore assets and income. That’s a 14% rise on the year before.   more ...


Expat Focus Financial Update June 2019

Posted on Tuesday June 25, 2019 (12:00:53)

UK is the most expensive country to send expats

The UK has overtaken Japan as the most expensive destination to send expat employees, a survey reveals. The findings from ECA International reveal that while salaries have remained static, costs have increased with higher tax and housing costs.   more ...


The Most Important Things Expats Need To Consider When Moving Abroad

Posted on Monday June 17, 2019 (17:06:41)

by FC Exchange

Moving your life from one country to another gives you so much to think about; whether it’s applying for visas, researching private healthcare, finding work, or sending your money overseas, it can be a busy time.   more ...

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