Spain’s Tax Cuts Target Remote Workers – Digital Nomads, Bienvenido!

Oliver Heslop, founder of Global Expatriate Tax Services (GETS) and Expatriate Tax Services London Ltd, is a highly experienced UK tax specialist dealing with expatriate cross border issues. He is also the official Expat Focus UK Taxation partner and is available to answer readers’ UK tax questions. In this article, Oliver writes about new tax … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update January 2023

Blevins Franks reports an increase in financial advisors moving to Europe Following difficulties with financial passporting between the UK and Europe in the wake of Brexit, expat experts Blevins Franks reported in December that an increasing number of UK-based independent financial advisers (IFAs) are enquiring about moving to Europe. London-based representative Jason Porter says: “UK … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update December 2022

UAE’s Golden Visa proves attractive to Americans Arabian Business news announced in late November that more than 2,800 high net-worth American expats had renounced their citizenship in the later quarters of 2022. Since 2019, 150,000 of the state’s new golden visas have been issued, and visa advisory firms have noticed a recent rise in the … Read more

Expat Focus Financial update November 2022

Hong Kong announces new measures to attract business Hong Kong has announced a US$3.8 billion package to attract businesses back to the city, the Financial Times reported in October. Visa and tax concessions will be made available for skilled expat workers, and there are initiatives to make it easier for long-term expat residents to buy … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update October 2022

Pound plummets: the view from Cyprus As many readers will be painfully aware, the pound plummeted at the end of September, the markets having been thoroughly spooked by incoming PM Liz Truss and her new Chancellor’s mini-budget, with its proposed tax cuts. At least one U-turn later, the markets have stabilised somewhat, but many expats … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update September 2022

Alexandru Bittner v. United States  The case of Alexandru Bittner v. United States has been occupying the pages of both the Washington Post and Bloomberg recently. This is to do with the thorny issue of tax compliance. We’ve taken a look at FBAR compliance before, but this case has brought it back to the attention … Read more

Repatriating To The UK? Six Financial Issues To Consider

Are you repatriating to the UK? In this article, Expat Focus partner and Founder of Global Expatriate Tax Services Limited, Oliver Heslop, looks at six financial issues British expats should consider when moving back home. A good friend of mine moved to the Middle East about fifteen years ago, and this year he moved back … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update August 2022

Expat pay packages see ‘decrease’ in Hong Kong In recent years, expat pay and benefit packages in Hong Kong have decreased. Human resources company ECA, which recently released its rankings of locations with the highest expatriate packages, reported that Hong Kong fell from 5th to 8th place. Packages are now, on average, US$283,000 per year. … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update July 2022

“I in 4” US expats considering renunciation of citizenship According to a recent survey from Greenback Expat Tax Services, covering 3,200 American expats living in 121 countries, 1 in 4 US expats are intending or considering the renunciation of their US citizenship. The reason, which we’ve reported on before these latest findings, is tax: 77% … Read more

Expat Focus Financial Update June 2022

Expat wealth manager fined We reported back in December 2021 on the case of CEO Nigel Green and questions raised over the finance group deVere’s conduct. The deVere group is one of the biggest financial advisers to UK expats in South Africa, headquartered in the UAE and specialising in insurance and selling savings plans. It … Read more

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