Expat Focus International News Update November 2022

Indonesia introduces ‘second home’ visa Expats in Indonesia have been cautiously enthusiastic about the new ‘second home’ visa, which will allow you to remain in the country for 10 years. However, according to the Jakarta Post, they do have some reservations. If you have an existing visa, and either an investment in a luxury property … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update October 2022

HireAHelper survey reveals top countries for US expats Blogsite HireAHelper have recently undertaken a new survey, based on research into residence permit and visa data, to track the most popular choices of country among US expats. Top of the list is nearby Mexico, followed by the UK and Canada (English-speaking nations are an obvious fit). … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update September 2022

Truss, Brexit and banking The UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss is set to scrap legacy EU legislation in 2023, according to recent reports. In an upcoming finance meeting with top British financiers (the CEO of Legal and General, for example), Reuters says, she will outline plans for the reform of regulatory regimes, such as … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update August 2022

Brits in Portugal ‘in limbo’ At the beginning of this month, the UK press gave extensive coverage to the plight of British citizens in Portugal, effectively left in limbo as an ongoing consequence of Brexit. The Portuguese authorities have not yet issued residency cards to many Brits in the country, leaving them unable to travel … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update July 2022

EU’s top court tells Brits ‘you’ve lost your rights’ The EU Court of Justice ruled in June that British nationals resident in one of the EU’s 27 member states “no longer enjoy the status of citizen of the Union,” Bloomberg reports. As third party nationals, they can no longer vote or stand in municipal elections. … Read more

Cost Of Living In The World’s Safest Places

With the news featuring wars, terrorist incidents and mass shootings on a daily basis, the world can seem like an alarming place, and for many who are contemplating an expat lifestyle, safety is a primary concern. Yet few of us have limitless choice of locations, unless we’re very wealthy, and sometimes the safest places to … Read more

Pet Passports Post-Brexit

Nearly 18 months have passed since the end of the transition period, but Brexit is continuing to affect the lives of British citizens living and working in the EU. For example, many Brits have recently been highlighting the various implications for expats travelling with pets. Animal health certificate (AHC) Pet passports issued in the UK … Read more

The World’s Safest Places

Relocating can be a nerve-wracking process, and whether you’re travelling solo or with your family, your safety is likely to be a prime concern. The world is not always a safe place. In 2022, Europe was rocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the world has many similar situations, and wars are only part … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update June 2022

Kuwait expands maximum residency period for expats Kuwait has now passed a set of draft rules which extend the maximum residency period for expats from two to three years to five years. The new legislation is being passed to the National Assembly. If it is ratified, expats will find that they have a longer breathing … Read more

Expat Focus International News Update May 2022

Driving licence ‘bungle’ affects expats in Spain A post-Brexit failure to agree a policy on UK driving licences has left thousands of British expats in Spain high and dry. Tourists are still allowed to use their UK licences, but residents who have not yet swapped their licence for a Spanish one will not be able … Read more

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