Expat Focus International Healthcare Update September 2022

Healthcare costs are ‘most pressing’ issue in Switzerland Basic health insurance costs are due to rise by 9% when premiums are renewed in Switzerland, according to a recent report. A survey by media group Tamedia has revealed that concerns about healthcare are the most pressing issue in Switzerland, both among citizens and expats. Two thirds … Read more

Expat Focus Wellbeing Update September 2022

To most of us, concepts around being well cover a range of factors, from mental and physical health, to diet, exercise, mood, and spirituality. The state of being well must be defined on an individual basis; what it means to one person might not be what it means to another. For example, to one person, … Read more

Expat Focus Mental Health Update August 2022

UK consular support for mental health issues The UK government offers a range of mental health advice and support for British citizens living abroad. You can find details by typing ‘gov.uk mental health [country]’ into a search engine. However, bear in mind that what services are available will depend on where you have moved, and … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update August 2022

Mandatory health insurance in Kuwait The Health Insurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman) in Kuwait have recently held meetings with the Kuwaiti government, looking at the company’s role in supporting the healthcare sector and fulfilling goals in the National Development Plan, based on the New Kuwait Vision 2035. Dhaman is part of the public and private partnership … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update July 2022

Expats returning to the UK may face NHS costs The Daily Express reported in late June that elderly expats returning to the UK might find themselves facing steep NHS healthcare costs once they’re back in England. The International Consortium of British Pensioners says that around 1 million British pensioners are living abroad, but may retain … Read more

Expat Focus Mental Health Update July 2022

There’s been quite a bit in the press recently about burnout among expats – a perennial problem but exacerbated by the pandemic and its pressures. Recent surveys have revealed that expat stress and corresponding burnout are at an ‘all-time high.’ Isolation, job loss, insecurity and the long-term grind of Covid-19 and its restrictions have all … Read more

Expat Focus Mental Healthcare Update June 2022

New research highlights mental health issues in expats after traumatic events in home nations The American Psychiatric Association held its annual meeting in New Orleans in May, featuring mental health professionals from around the world. It focused on different areas of psychiatry and treatment. It reported on a recent piece of research aimed at expats … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update June 2022

Covid-19 seems, finally, to be on its way out – but as recent events in China have proved, it’s not over yet. In this article, we take a look at the post-pandemic world and other health related news. Spain removes all Covid-19 entry restrictions In early June, Spain removed all Covid-19 entry restrictions for travellers … Read more

Expat Focus International Healthcare Update May 2022

Shanghai lockdown continues China Daily estimates that 164,000 of Shanghai’s 25 million residents are from overseas, and these expats are being badly affected by the recent strict lockdown. Expats report feeling isolated and blocked off from Chinese measures to assist residents (for example, via chat lines that organise bulk purchases for their communities) because they … Read more

Expat Focus Mental Healthcare Update May 2022

In this month’s roundup, we’re going to concentrate on how to maintain good mental health while travelling solo. Recent surveys by travel experts suggest that an increasing number of people are planning solo voyages in 2022, as part of a developing trend. But travelling alone can be stressful, and you may experience various challenges. We’ll … Read more

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