5 Good Reasons You Should Move To Switzerland (And 1 Reason You Shouldn't!)

Articles - Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country with not too many natural resources; but this actually works in favor of its residents because the country invests heavily in its population, considering it to be its most important resource. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Human Capital Report, Switzerland’s investment in education, healthcare and talent is higher than any other country. If you’re not already sold on the idea of moving to Switzerland, here are five good reasons that may just seal the deal.   more ...

  Starting A Small Business In Portugal - 5 Things You Should Know

Articles - Portugal

Foreigners and nationals can start a business in Portugal as long as they have the required work permits and minimum capital investment. But many expats do feel that the bureaucratic process can be confusing and having a trusted local to help you navigate the system is an advantage. Here are five things you should know when starting your small business in Portugal.

Business environment in Portugal

According to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2014 report, Portugal figures at number 31.   more ...

  Brittney Strange, Somerset

Brittney Strange
Expat Experiences - United Kingdom (UK)

Who are you?

I'm Brittney Strange and I blog over at Life of an Expat Parent. I write mostly about parenting and relationships with a dash of expat living. I'm an Ohio girl and an unlikely expat living in England. I'm married to a Briton and have two little dual citizens, The Duchess (2 years old) and The Duke (4 months old). I've worked in youth homelessness prevention and education for nearly four years and am currently on maternity leave.

I started my blog in 2011 a few months after my daughter was born. I thought I had acclimatized to British culture really well until I was introduced to parenting children in a culture that wasn't my own.   more ...

  Expat Life Keeps You Humble

Toni Hargis
Columnists - Toni Hargis

I suppose the same can really be said of travel in general, but with expat life, you don’t have the protection of the tourism status - “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing but that’s OK, I’m only here for a week”. And boy, there’s nothing like being thrown in at the deep end and making a fool of yourself on a daily basis.

When I first came to the States back in the dark ages (1990, to be exact) a lot of things were completely new to me. Like walking for miles (it seemed) to find a mailbox when I could have just put my letters in my own mailbox as out-going mail.   more ...

  A Fashionable Château In Nice

Kim Defforge
Columnists - Kim Defforge

One day, some friends and I decided to get out of the city of Nice! We decided to have lunch in the vicinity of a nearby castle, where we had planned on doing a guided visit and dégustation (wine tasting). I drove into the heart of the Bellet vineyards, which took about 25 minutes, as my ten year-old car meandered its way up into the hills behind Nice. Stopping in Colomars, we meandered, as well, and discovered a hotel/restaurant nestled into a hillside and its magnificent gardens - L’Auberge du Redier. Although we had arrived about ten minutes before lunch service, the staff was very welcoming, suggesting that we linger in the beautiful gardens while they prepared a table for us. We were quickly seated at a table in front of one of the large windows in the luminous and spacious dining room.   more ...

  The Language of Expats

Susanna Perkins
Columnists - Susanna Perkins

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“Where do you live?” I told her, and mentioned we’d been there for two years.

“Oh,” she replied, “my mother lives in that neighborhood.”
Realization dawned. “Yes, she’s my next-door neighbor,” I responded, beaming.

We talked about her family, and her nephew, Cyril, who runs a hostel in Panama City.   more ...

  Yoga And Writing… My Winning Combination For A Happy Expat Life

Anne O’Connell
Columnists - Anne O'Connell

As I look around me, more and more people are turning to yoga for overall health and well-being and general fitness, me included. Several years ago, after working 14 years in the PR business, I hit a wall and was diagnosed with a chronic illness for which the main symptom was bone numbing, mind-fogging fatigue. I was in a trough so deep I had to have weekly iron injections along with vitamin B-12 shots three times a week, which I eventually gave myself to save on travel time to the clinic (talk about overcoming my fear of needles for the greater good). I also took daily doses of extra vitamins that came in the form of about eight pills. I kept working… long hours… although some of it was because my pace had slowed down from what I normally could sustain.   more ...

  Tales from a Spanish Village: Two Old Fools and Spanish Dogs

Victoria Twead
Columnists - Victoria Twead

"I can't concentrate! Why don't the Spanish stop their dogs barking?"

I was trying to write the next chapter for my latest Old Fools book, but the constant background noise was spoiling my concentration.

There are plenty of dogs in our village, all shapes and sizes.

There's a Jack Russell that never stops yapping, a German Shepherd that guards one of the big houses and looks as though he'd enjoy tearing an intruder apart, plus numerous mongrels that roam the streets freely.   more ...

  White Eggs and Ham, American I Am: Seeking A Yankee Easter In South Africa

Marla Sink Druzgal
Columnists - Marla Sink Druzgal

“I wish I could find white eggs in South Africa” I complained to a South African friend one day. I had spent the previous week going from grocery store to grocery store, finding nothing but brown eggs.

In the states I loved seeking out brown eggs to add variety to our colors of dyed Easter eggs. Brown eggs take on pretty earth tones in the dye. The Easter before we moved to South Africa, I even found a local farmer with eggs from an Americaus chicken (aka the “Easter Egg Chicken”) which naturally produces eggs in shades of blue and green!

She looked at me incredulously: “But white eggs are everywhere now, because of Easter!” My eyes lit up and I began interrogating her on where I might find them. She pointed to the nearest grocery store.   more ...

  A Month in the Life of an English Writer in Tuscany - March Reflections

June Finnigan
Columnists - June Finnigan

The continuing adventures of June Finnigan, her Man, and Farty Barty the cat.

Benvenuto to all my Loyal and New Followers

On the 2nd March, I returned to beautiful Tuscany, after a brief visit to the London Author Fair, loaded up with a bag full of leaflets and new ideas for marketing my books. I quickly cracked on with my second novel ‘The Bolivian Connection’ and by the end of the week had enthusiastically written two more chapters. Over coffee in Fiano, I told my man about the cost of having my books translated into Italian and that they calculate the price on the number of characters, not words!   more ...


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