Preparing Yourself For Culture Shock: Five Cultural Customs You May Not Know About In Romania

Articles - Romania

Romania serves as the meeting place of three main regions: Eastern Europe, Central Europe and the Balkans. However, it is not part of any of these regions, but has its own unique culture. Romanian culture has a deep historical legacy and much of it began with the Dacians, the ancient inhabitants of the region, and the Romans who later conquered the land.

Romanians today still have deep roots in their culture and traditions.   more ...

  Review – The Devil Wears Clogs

Expat Books - Netherlands (Holland)

Jennifer Burge is an American expat who has lived in a variety of European countries. Her memoir, The Devil Wears Clogs, predominantly focuses on her time in the Netherlands as a new expat trying to fit in with a culture that was very different from what she'd been used to before.   more ...

  A Guide To Tipping In Italy; Who, How Much, When And Where?

Articles - Italy

Tipping etiquette can be a bit tricky to figure out as an expat, as it differs from one country to another. While some cultures do not believe in leaving anything more than what they have being charged, others may voluntarily pay up to 20% of their bill for good service. When it comes to offering any kind of gratuity or bonus, people must consider whether it is necessary or even acceptable, and how much should be given.   more ...

  Blue Heron MacCormack, China

Expat Experiences - China

Who are you?

I'm a father of a 7 year old. Husband to an International school teacher. A writer. A student at Shenzhen University. My U.S. work background was in sales and marketing, and I still do some consulting in those areas.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

We moved to Shekou (Shenzhen), China in 2011 from Portland, OR.   more ...

  A Guide To The Different States Of The USA

Articles - United States (USA)

The USA is the third largest nation in the world and has a population of more than 320 million. For decades, this has been the dream destination for expats from around the world because of its employment opportunities, lifestyle, and infrastructure.

However, not everyone lives the “American Dream” once they make the move. There is so much diversity within the US that life in one state can be completely different from another. Read this short guide to some of the different regions of America for more information.   more ...

  Why Sweden Is The Best Place To Be An Expat

Articles - Sweden

Expats love Sweden for many reasons. It is a land of great natural beauty with its beautiful coastline, forests and lakes. Famously, the country also hasn’t been at war since 1814. On a more mundane but nonetheless important level, expats can receive quality universal healthcare during their stay here. There’s also the advantage of free education; even university education in Sweden is subsidized. The country is also characterized by the least amount of religious interference in government and policy matters.   more ...

  Ten Basic Phrases In Arabic For Expats Moving To The UAE

Articles - United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is one of those places where knowing the local language is not terribly important for expats. Even for expats who are eager and willing, there just isn’t much opportunity – you might somehow begin to learn the language, but you’ll find there’s almost no one to practice with. For most expats, interaction with the locals is minimal, and when it comes to languages, formal training alone, without any real-life practice, doesn’t get you very far.   more ...

  Jonathan, Tokyo

Expat Experiences - Japan

Who are you?

My name is Jonathan, originally from the UK, and live in central Tokyo writing about some of the more curious aspects of Japan in my blog after being a full-time expat working in Sports, Luxury and Automotive over the years.   more ...

  Christina, Iceland

Expat Experiences - Iceland

Who are you?

My name is Christina also known as Tine, Efia or Efiabruni because I’m a Russian spy posing as an indecisive German.

I’m currently trying to juggle my day job with finishing my master in public health, political activism, opening a micro bakery, hacking around on my blog script and life in Reykjavík/Iceland in general.   more ...

  Shopping For The First Time In Saudi Arabia? Here's What You Need To Know

Articles - Saudi Arabia

Being an expat is always a challenge, no matter how eager you are for new experiences and how willing you are to suffer confusion or discomfort. However, living in Saudi Arabia can be a particularly trying experience for some. The restrictions on most aspects of life leave very little to do outside of work, and flouting the norms is not just a question of impropriety - most restrictions have the law behind them, and the consequences of breaking them are severe.   more ...


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