Colin Guest, Istanbul

Expat Experiences - Turkey

As a result of losing my wife to cancer shortly after retiring, at the age of 72, I later married a wonderful Turkish lady. From living in my home of twenty years in the country on the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, I moved to live in Istanbul. It is an incredible difference living here, where the traffic is thick and furious, and no apparent regard for traffic rules. The only ones that seem to apply are those you make yourself.   more ...

  What Is Your Experience Of Expat Life?

Columnists - Clara Wiggins

This month, the deadline to write my Expat Focus blog has crept up on me so stealthily that I can’t believe I really need to get this post written so soon. We returned from a much-needed holiday in Florida just three weeks ago. Since then, I have been playing catch-up with both work and blogging – and at the same time, preparing for our now very imminent move to South Africa.

In other words, I have run out of time.   more ...

  Vanessa Anderson, Shenzhen

Expat Experiences - China

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Vanessa Anderson and I’m originally from the UK. I tend to think of myself now as a “global citizen” as this is the fourth country I’ve lived and worked in. The plan is to keep moving, experiencing different cultures around the world. I was raised in London, but as an adult, I’ve spent time living in France, Spain, and Panama. My latest move has been to China where I live with my partner, Ian Usher. We both work as English teachers for a private language school.   more ...

  Panama - Top Five Expat Blogs

Articles - Panama

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Panama and some of the bloggers who write about living there.

Chiriqui Chatter

Chiriqui Chatter is a fun blog written by Don Ray Williams, who makes a point of keeping his readers updated about everything that could possibly be of use to them as expats in Panama.   more ...

  The Re-enactment Of The Flottage Du Bois In The Morvan

Columnists - Rosemary Border Rabson

Long before Monty Python's lumberjacks leapt from tree to tree as they floated down the mighty rivers of British Columbia, les flotteurs de bois were active in the Morvan.

By 1550 the population of Paris had tripled over just 50 years. Demand for wood for fuel increased accordingly, and Paris looked longingly at the 47,000 hectares of forest in the Morvan.   more ...

  Finland – Top Five Expat Blogs

Articles - Finland

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Finland and some of the bloggers who write about living there.

Hey Helsinki

After moving to Finland in 2014 with her husband and son, New Zealander Mel set up Hey Helsinki as a chronicle of her life in a new country.   more ...

  Dolores Plate, Heredia

Expat Experiences - Costa Rica

Who are you?

I'm a 50-something US Air Force retired woman. I like working out and do it just about every day. I have 2 dogs, a Schnauzer and a Pekingese/mix.

I really love animals so I volunteer with two rescue groups, ABRAZA in Zarcero and Adopciones Grecia in Grecia. I became vegan a few years ago and it completely changed my life. I was healthy but I had started to notice the middle aged spread that people talk about.   more ...

  Jackie Minchillo, Playa Langosta

Expat Experiences - Costa Rica

Who are you?

My name is Jackie. I am a 26-year-old communications professional and freelance writer. I grew up in Michigan in the United States and most recently I lived in Chicago with my husband Junior and our dog Harvey. I've always had a passion for travel and a craving for international experiences. My husband and I began talking about moving abroad in December 2013 and we are so happy we made the move.   more ...

  Giving Birth In Australia As An Expat

Articles - Australia

If you have chosen to give birth in a country other than your home country, it is important to consider the prenatal care and delivery options available there.

Australia is generally considered a safe place to give birth, as both public and private medical facilities provide excellent services during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as postnatal care. Children born in Australia automatically receive Australian citizenship if at the time of their birth at least one parent was an Australian citizen or permanent resident.   more ...

  Finding A Job In the Czech Republic As An Expat

Articles - Czech Republic

The Czech Republic and its capital city, Prague, have always been attractive to expats. The country enjoys a stable economy and the atmosphere is highly conducive to foreign investment. Living and working in the Czech Republic comes with many benefits such as affordable housing and healthcare, good salaries and benefit packages, and a thriving expat community.

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, and therefore EU nationals have the same working rights as Czech nationals.   more ...


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