Top Ten Insider Tips About Vietnam

Articles - Vietnam

Since 1986, when the Vietnamese government started a steady process of economic and political reform, the country has not only prospered but opened itself up to the world. It now attracts quite a large number of expats from all over the world. If you’re someone who’s planning to move to Vietnam, here are a few tips that should come in handy.   more ...

  The Pros And Cons Of Teaching English In Chile

Articles - Chile

Living in Chile can be a great experience for any expat. Moreover, this country has not only modern infrastructure but also one of the most stable economies across South America. Foreigners from all over the world are therefore seeking employment in Chile. Many Americans, Brits, Australians, and Canadians are taking up English-teaching jobs in this nation. In fact, if you are passionate about teaching, the English language or traveling, this may be the ideal job for you.   more ...

  The Dark Side Of Expat Life In The Dominican Republic

Articles - Dominican Republic

Making a new life on a Caribbean island is a common expat dream. The Dominican Republic tends to be one of the more common choices, for a number of different reasons. In many ways, life in the Dominican Republic is great – expats love the sunny weather, the relaxed pace of life, the natural beauty, the local culture, and the warmth of the people. However, every place has its darker qualities, and many would see that the Dominican Republic has more than its share of them.   more ...

  Ten Essentials You Need To Pack For a Move to Vietnam

Articles - Vietnam

Vietnam is fast becoming a popular expat destination for a number of reasons, including its great weather, rich culture, and a much lower cost of living than most other South-East Asian countries. However, when planning a move to Vietnam, you should keep in mind that it is a developing nation, and some of the ordinary conveniences that you are used to in your home country may well be a luxury in that country. Here are ten essentials you should pack when you move to Vietnam.   more ...

  Pros and Cons of Living in Indonesia

Articles - Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing countries in South-East Asia, with a vibrant local culture and a rich history of dance, music and crafts. Due to its economy and industry, Indonesia is also home to a rapidly growing expatriate community and has many things to offer newcomers. However, like moving to any other country, moving to Indonesia comes with its own pros and cons. These are a few of the things that you should keep in mind while living in Indonesia.   more ...

  Moving To Venezuela? Learn What Makes It Such A Great Expat Destination

Articles - Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the more popular expat destinations in Latin America, and with good reason. If you consider most of the usual parameters for judging a place, Venezuela scores quite well. There are of course a few problem areas, and in particular, the economic troubles of the last few years are quite worrying, both for Venezuelans and for expats. However, for the most part, Venezuela is still a great place to live, and most expats are very happy in the country.   more ...

  Moving To The Dominican Republic With Children

Articles - Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, on the island of Hispaniola, is the second largest Caribbean nation. Despite its small size, it is a country with a diverse landscape. It is especially known for its typically Caribbean white sand beaches. Expats will also be treated to abundant natural beauty in the tropical rainforests, valleys, lakes, rivers and semi-desert areas that are found across the country. The Dominican Republic draws a steady number of expats, and its popularity has only been increasing in recent decades.   more ...

  How Not To Offend the Locals in Jordan

Articles - Jordan

One of the things that most people who relocate to Jordan are constantly surprised by is how modern the country actually is. It is one of the safest places for expats to gain an idea of what the Middle East is really like in terms of culture and everyday life. While it is important that you are respectful of Jordanian culture and customs and should make every attempt to be sensitive, don’t worry too much.   more ...

  Amy Brown, Lima

Expat Experiences - Peru

Who are you?

My name is Amy Brown and I an almost 30 year old American immigrant to Peru.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

I moved to Peru in 2010 because I was looking to teach English and return to the Andes mountains for an adventure. I fell in love with the sierra after studying abroad in Ecuador in 2008. I was not sure about going to grad school and I had the traveler's itch.   more ...

  Why Time Flies In Pretoria!

Columnists - Clara Wiggins

As I was driving home from the gym today I suddenly remembered I hadn’t written an October post for Expat Focus. It has completely passed me by that it even was October at all, to be honest – despite being “pinch punched” by my daughter the other morning.

The days are passing me by because, for some reason, I am even busier here in Pretoria than I was back home in the UK. Which is hard to believe because my children leave for school before 7am and don’t come home until gone 3.30pm – giving me an extra two hours of free time a day. Ten hours a week. So where on earth are those hours going?   more ...


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