5 Good Reasons You Should Move To Panama (And 1 Reason You Shouldn't!)

Articles - Panama

If you are thinking of moving to Panama, your reasons had better be more than the Van Halen song by the same name, which incidentally has nothing to do with the country, but in the vein of many metal acts of the 80s, had more to do with a stripper and a fast car!

The country Panama redefines the term ‘tropical paradise’ and it is a lot more than a popular tourist destination. Panama is an excellent country for expats and retirees to live in, making it a top choice among immigrants and working professionals from across the world, especially Americans.   more ...

  Learning To Communicate With The Locals in Singapore - Some Tips For Expats

Articles - Singapore

Singapore is the second most popular destination (after Switzerland) for expats, according to a survey conducted by HSBC. This is largely due to the concerted efforts of the Singaporean government to attract expats. The country’s infrastructure is considered to be among the best in the world. The well maintained roads, impressive internet speed, transparent (if rigid) government, and the prevalence of English make it an ideal destination for expats. About a quarter of the people in the country are expats, so Singaporeans are very comfortable with diversity and are welcoming to foreigners. However, although communicating with fellow expats may not be an issue, it is natural that you would face a few communication problems when dealing with the locals.   more ...

  Make The Most Of Your Time In Germany - 5 Things To Try Before Returning Home

Articles - Germany

There’s so much to do in Germany, from exploring the grand Alps to relaxing in the many luxurious spas. Then there is art and architecture to discover and also some great culinary experiences to have. But sometimes the real essence of a country is tucked away in places that are off the tourist maps. These can be hugely rewarding experiences and something you will remember long after your stay ends. Here are some uniquely German experiences that every expat must try before returning home.

The biggest little museum in the world

The Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg is often skipped in many guidebooks, but it’s something truly worth discovering.   more ...

  South Africa Diaries: Part 7 – Tina Turner!

James King
Columnists - James King

Sea of change

The thought of leaving England for Durban in February, for the third time, to soak in the balmy Indian Ocean was pleasing enough. Equally exciting was the thought that I could be involved in some of the many changes that would envelope South Africa post-apartheid. For many years South Africans had been denied the chance to see their talented young athletes and sportsmen and women compete on the international stage. In 1970 South Africa had one of the finest Test Cricket teams ever and after drubbing Australia in the same year the cricket world would never see them in action again.   more ...

  What’s Your Travelling Strategy?

Toni Hargis
Columnists - Toni Hargis

I recently read “Maeve’s Times – In her own words”, selected writings from the late Maeve Binchy’s pieces in the Irish Times. Whether you’re a fan of her novels or not, I recommend this book as it shows what great a journalist she was, writing eloquently on everything from her days as a teacher to weight loss, abortion, and arthritis. One post was all about the people she ended up sitting next to on planes, and one sentiment, I could have written myself:

“I often hear people saying they sat beside a frightfully interesting chap on a plane, but I just don’t believe it. The only people I sit beside are people who read the safety card with an intensity that could only come from certainty of disaster.”   more ...

  Dancing In A Pollera In Panama

Susanna Perkins
Columnists - Susanna Perkins

When we were deciding to move overseas, and then choosing the place to move to, my husband and I were intrigued by Las Tablas’ reputation as the folkloric center of Panama. Of course, it’s well known that Las Tablas is the place to attend Carnaval, with the town’s population swelling from 10,000 to over 100,000 during the festivities.

In the neighboring town of Guarare, there’s an annual music festival featuring the mejorana, a Panamanian five-string guitar. Las Tablas also hosts two separate events each year honoring the pollera, the lovely national dress.   more ...

  Dealing With Culture Shock In Switzerland - Some Advice For New Expats

Articles - Switzerland

Switzerland’s cultural and linguistic diversity makes it easy for most European expats to settle down and assimilate. Nevertheless, culture shock is an inescapable reality that any expat has to deal with when moving to a new country. Dealing with culture shock is never easy but a simple way to reduce it is to familiarize yourself with the customs and practises of the country. Here are a few things to keep in mind about living in Switzerland:


Switzerland has 4 official languages – not one of them is English! French, German, Italian and Romansh are the four national languages and approximately 65% of the population speaks German. However, English is a very widespread language, especially in tourist areas.   more ...

  Dealing With Culture Shock In Turkey - Some Advice For New Expats

Articles - Turkey

Turkey’s unique geographic position hasn’t just made it a historic bridge between East and West, it has also helped shape a distinctive culture that blends the traditions and values of both East and West. Most of Turkey’s population is Islamic, but its people are quite different from what stereotypical perceptions of Middle Eastern or Islamic countries would lead you to expect. Turkey in many ways defines multi-cultural societies and its population is generally friendly and welcoming towards foreigners. Expats should feel particularly comfortable in Western Turkey as this part of the country attracts plenty of tourists and it is more liberal.   more ...

  Learning To Communicate With The Locals In Saudi Arabia - Some Tips For Expats

Articles - Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest economy in the whole of the Middle East and its lucrative job opportunities attract a multitude of expats each year. In spite of this considerable foreign population, the country remains deeply traditional and the society is marked by strict rules pertaining to religion and culture, which even foreign residents are expected to follow. So just how does one explore the local culture and communicate with people in a country as orthodox as Saudi Arabia? Here are some tips to help you get started.


Arabic is the official language of the country. However English is spoken widely and is also taught as a compulsory language in schools. Other languages that are generally spoken in Saudi Arabia include Urdu, Turkish and Farsi.   more ...

  Moving To Malaysia - What To Expect As A New Expat

Articles - Malaysia

When you make the decision to move to a new country, you will face many challenges – and this will start before you make the move! Informing your friends and family will be tough and you might face opposition from quite a few people which would just serve to heighten your own uncertainties. The best way to deal with your relocation is to research and prepare as much as possible. Here are a few things you can expect as a new Expat in Malaysia:

A Multi- Racial country

Malaysia has a multi-ethnic and multi-racial country with little or no discrimination. The three main cultures are the Malay, Chinese and Indian and this has resulted in a wide variety of cuisines, clothing and culture.   more ...


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