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Residential Property, Retirement And Tax Returns

It’s coming up to tax returns time for American expats around the world. Here’s how to file.

Do you really need an offshore bank account to manage your finances as an expat?

If you’re living in India, you may have been affected by the new money laws there.We have some recommended social media accounts for you to follow if you’re moving to Israel, Estonia, Finland or Italy.

Property can be a difficult challenge to deal with when you move abroad. Many expats are turning to eco homes as the solution. Could it work for you?

If you’re moving to Singapore, here’s a guide to residential property options.

Healthcare is also at the forefront of many expats’ minds – here’s a guide to health insurance for expats in Mexico.

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If you’re moving to the UK, here’s what you need to know about the NHS.

And more generally, here’s a health checklist for anyone who’s thinking of moving abroad.

Want to retire abroad but not sure where to move to? Kathleen Peddicord discusses the pros and cons of retiring in a tourist destination. And here’s why you might want to retire to Switzerland.

Columnist June Finnigan talks about February in Tuscany. If you’re moving to Italy, take a look at these tips for learning conversational Italian.

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