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Brazil – Finding Property to Rent

Popular Rental Areas for Expats in Brazil

Brazil, with its diverse culture, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant cities, attracts expats from around the world. When it comes to rental areas in Brazil, several regions stand out as popular choices for foreigners due to various factors, including lifestyle, job opportunities, and quality of life:

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, often referred to as simply Rio, is one of Brazil’s most iconic cities and a top choice for expats. The city’s stunning beaches, including Copacabana and Ipanema, along with its vibrant Carnival celebrations, make it a magnet for those seeking a lively and tropical lifestyle. Expats are drawn to Rio for its cultural richness, job opportunities, and international community. Popular neighborhoods for expats include Ipanema, Leblon, and Botafogo.

São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and financial hub, offers a dynamic and cosmopolitan lifestyle. expats often choose São Paulo for its career prospects, world-class dining, and cultural diversity. The city boasts numerous neighborhoods, each with its unique character. Popular areas for expats include Jardins, Itaim Bibi, and Pinheiros.


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Brasília, the capital of Brazil, is known for its modernist architecture and organized urban planning. expats who work in government or international organizations often reside in Brasília. The city offers a comfortable and family-friendly lifestyle, with neighborhoods like Lago Sul and Asa Sul being preferred by expat families.


Florianópolis, located in the southern state of Santa Catarina, is renowned for its beautiful beaches and quality of life. expats seeking a more relaxed and beach-oriented lifestyle choose Florianópolis. Popular areas for expats include Jurerê Internacional, Campeche, and Lagoa da Conceição.


Salvador, the capital of Bahia, offers a unique blend of African, Portuguese, and indigenous cultures. expats are attracted to Salvador for its vibrant music and dance scene, historic architecture, and tropical climate. Popular neighborhoods among expats include Barra, Ondina, and Rio Vermelho.

Main Websites for Properties to Rent in Brazil

Searching for rental properties in Brazil is made convenient through various online platforms and websites. These websites provide extensive listings, property details, and contact information for landlords or real estate agents. Here are some of the main websites for finding rental properties in Brazil:

Zap Imóveis

Zap Imóveis is one of Brazil’s largest real estate websites, offering a wide range of rental listings across the country. expats can search for apartments, houses, and commercial properties using filters such as location, property type, and price range. The website is available in Portuguese.

Viva Real

Viva Real is a popular real estate platform in Brazil, featuring rental listings in various cities. It provides detailed property descriptions, photos, and contact information for real estate agencies. expats can use the website to search for properties by region, budget, and other criteria.


Imovelweb is a real estate website that includes rental listings in Brazil. It offers a user-friendly interface for property searches and allows users to filter results based on location, size, and price. The website is available in Portuguese.

OLX Brazil

OLX Brazil is a classifieds website that includes real estate listings, including rentals. expats can browse through property advertisements, view photos, and contact property owners or agents directly. The website covers various categories, such as cars, jobs, and services.


QuintoAndar is an online platform that simplifies the process of renting in Brazil. It offers a wide range of rental listings in major cities, along with features like online payments and digital contracts. Expats can search for properties and contact landlords through the website.

Main Letting Agencies in Brazil

Letting agencies and property management companies in Brazil play a crucial role in assisting expats with finding suitable rental properties. They possess local expertise, knowledge of the market, and can facilitate property searches and lease agreements. Here are some of the main letting agencies in Brazil, along with their contact details:

Lucas Fox Brazil

Lucas Fox Brazil is part of the global Lucas Fox network and specializes in luxury real estate services. They offer rental properties in upscale neighborhoods of major Brazilian cities. expats seeking high-end accommodations can explore their listings and contact the agency through their website.

Rio Apartments

Rio Apartments is a real estate agency that focuses on rental properties in Rio de Janeiro. They cater to expats and offer a selection of apartments, houses, and penthouses in popular neighborhoods. Contact information is available on their website.


Moveisonline is a real estate agency that operates in various cities in Brazil, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. They provide rental listings and assist expats in finding suitable properties. Contact details for each city are available on their website.

Imobiliária Fernandes

Imobiliária Fernandes is a real estate agency based in Salvador, Bahia, specializing in rentals and sales. expats interested in the Salvador area can explore their listings, which include apartments, houses, and commercial properties. Contact information is available on their website.

Brazil House Finder

Brazil House Finder is an online platform that focuses on rental properties in Brazil. They connect expats with local real estate agents and offer a range of options, from apartments to houses. Contact information for agents is provided on their website.

Other Ways to Find Property Rentals in Brazil

Aside from online platforms and letting agencies, there are alternative methods to explore when searching for property rentals in Brazil:

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups dedicated to expats and real estate in Brazil often feature rental listings, discussions, and valuable insights. Joining these groups can provide access to property listings and connections within the expat community.

Local Newspapers and Classifieds: Some local newspapers and classified websites in Brazil may feature property listings, including rentals. expats can explore these resources to find additional options.

Word of Mouth: Networking within the expat community and local social circles can lead to rental opportunities. Expats who have lived in Brazil for some time may have recommendations and insights into available properties.

Property Management Companies: Some property management companies in Brazil may handle rental listings in addition to their property management services. Contacting these companies can provide access to rental options.

Visiting in Person: If feasible, visiting Brazil in person and exploring rental options on the ground can be advantageous. Some properties may not be listed online, and expats can discover hidden gems by exploring neighborhoods firsthand.

When searching for rental properties in Brazil, it’s essential for expats to have a clear understanding of their budget, preferences, and desired location. Utilizing a combination of online resources, local expertise, and networking can help expats find the perfect rental property in this diverse and captivating country.

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