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Brunei – Finding Property to Rent

Popular Rental Areas for Expats in Brunei

Brunei, a small Southeast Asian nation on the island of Borneo, is known for its rich culture, natural beauty, and stable economy. While Brunei may not have the same expat population as some neighboring countries, it still attracts foreigners for various reasons, including job opportunities and a peaceful lifestyle. Here are some popular rental areas for expats in Brunei and the reasons they are favored:

Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB)

Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital and largest city of Brunei, is a primary destination for expats. It offers modern amenities, a variety of housing options, and a thriving expat community. Popular neighborhoods in BSB include Gadong, Kiulap, and Kiarong. Expats are drawn to BSB for its job opportunities, international schools, and proximity to government offices and embassies.

Kuala Belait (KB)

Kuala Belait, located in the southwest of Brunei, is another favored area for expats. It is an oil and gas hub, hosting several multinational energy companies. The town offers a relaxed lifestyle and waterfront living. Expats working in the energy sector often choose KB for its convenience and job opportunities.


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Seria, situated on the northern coast of Brunei, is known for its oil industry. Expats working in the energy sector often reside in Seria due to its proximity to oil fields and related facilities. The town has a quieter atmosphere compared to the capital, making it suitable for those seeking a more laid-back lifestyle.


Tutong, located in the western part of Brunei, is known for its natural beauty, including lush rainforests and picturesque rivers. expats who appreciate a peaceful and scenic environment may choose Tutong for its tranquility. The town offers a mix of rental properties, including houses and apartments.

Belait District (Outside KB and Seria)

The Belait District, beyond the towns of Kuala Belait and Seria, includes rural areas and coastal villages. expats seeking a more off-the-beaten-path experience may opt for renting in the outskirts of the district. These areas offer a close connection to nature and the opportunity to experience traditional Bruneian life.

Main Websites for Properties to Rent in Brunei

Searching for rental properties in Brunei is facilitated through various online platforms and websites. These websites provide property listings, detailed descriptions, and contact information for landlords or real estate agents. Here are some of the main websites for finding rental properties in Brunei:

Brunei Classifieds

Brunei Classifieds is a popular website for property listings, including rentals. expats can search for apartments, houses, and commercial spaces. The website also includes a dedicated section for real estate agencies and agents.

Expat.com Brunei

Expat.com has a housing section for Brunei, where expats can find rental listings and connect with property owners and agents. The website caters specifically to the expat community, making it a convenient platform for those moving to Brunei.

iBilik Brunei

iBilik offers rental listings for rooms, apartments, and houses in Brunei. expats can search for properties in different areas and price ranges. The website provides contact information for property owners or agents.

PropertyGuru Brunei

PropertyGuru is a well-known real estate platform with a dedicated website for Brunei. expats can browse property listings, including condos, houses, and commercial properties. The website offers filters to refine search results and contact details for agents.

Main Letting Agencies in Brunei

Letting agencies and property management companies in Brunei play a vital role in assisting expats with finding suitable rental properties. They have local expertise, knowledge of the market, and can facilitate property searches and lease agreements. Here are some of the main letting agencies in Brunei, along with their contact details:

BruHome Realty

BruHome Realty is a leading real estate agency in Brunei that specializes in property sales and rentals. They have a wide range of rental listings, including apartments, houses, and commercial spaces. expats can contact them through their website or visit their office in Bandar Seri Begawan.


PropertyBrunei is a real estate agency that offers rental and sales services. They have a selection of rental properties in various areas of Brunei. expats can explore their listings and contact the agency through their website.

Hesley Estate Services & Builders Sdn Bhd

Hesley Estate Services & Builders is a property management company in Brunei that provides rental services. They offer a range of rental options, including residential and commercial properties. Expats can inquire about available rentals through their website or office in Bandar Seri Begawan.

MIS Management Services Sdn Bhd

MIS Management Services is a property management company that handles rental properties in Brunei. They offer apartments, houses, and commercial spaces for rent. expats can contact them for rental inquiries through their website or office in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Other Ways to Find Property Rentals in Brunei

In addition to online platforms and letting agencies, there are alternative methods to explore when searching for property rentals in Brunei:

Networking: expats living in Brunei and local contacts can be valuable sources of information about available rentals. Building a network within the expat community and professional circles can lead to rental opportunities.

Local Newspapers and Notice Boards: Some rental listings may be advertised in local newspapers or posted on community notice boards. Checking these resources can provide additional options.

Visiting in Person: If possible, visiting Brunei in person and exploring rental options on the ground can be advantageous. Some properties may not be listed online, and expats can discover hidden gems by exploring neighborhoods firsthand.

Social Media Groups: Some expat and community-focused social media groups in Brunei may have members who share rental listings or offer recommendations. Joining these groups can be a helpful resource.

When searching for rental properties in Brunei, expats should consider factors such as location, budget, and desired amenities. Utilizing a combination of online resources, local expertise, and networking can assist expats in finding the ideal rental property in this tranquil Southeast Asian nation.