How To Find A Job In China

China‚Äôs buoyant economy offers good job prospects and the number of expats working in China rose from 180,000 in 1996 to over 950,000 by the end of 2018. Opportunities are expanding beyond language teaching to positions in IT, sales, media and marketing. Roles in politics, IT or finance tend to be concentrated in major cities … Read more

New Law Could Make Life Difficult For Chinese Expat Entrepreneurs

The Republic of China has undoubtedly become a global superpower over the last decade or so. This country has come a long way in terms of economic development, having experienced an average GDP growth of 10% or so per year, right up until 2014. The per capita GDP growth has been almost 50-fold from US$ … Read more

Top 5 Successful Business Tips For Expats In China

China is becoming more important as a market for employers around the world and it’s also growing in popularity for start-ups too. However, regardless of business size here are some tips on how to succeed in one of the world’s biggest markets. Competition is fierce in business and it can be a challenge finding Chinese … Read more

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