Bringing Fido

So you want to bring your pet abroad. Can you? Moreover, should you?When I was a child, my family’s house was the house where all the strays ended up. It started when my mother found a flowerpot filled with newborn kittens on our elementary school playground. She took the kittens home, and we fed them … Read more

Lists For Immigrant Californians Relocating To Scotland

List of things I brought and didn’t need 1) Sandals I lived in my sandals in California. In the winter, I wore them with socks. We do not wear sandals here in Scotland. Well, some people do in the summer, but their feet probably haven’t thawed from the winter, so they don’t feel the cold. … Read more

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bin

Scotland is a small country with big plans. It has no time for daydreamers or dilettantes. If you want to do something here, you do it for real, and you do it right. Which is why Scotland is on track to achieve an extremely ambitious environmental goal: becoming a zero-waste country by 2025. But to … Read more

In Scotland, The Real Adventure Is Real Estate

“We want to buy a house,” we told the solicitor. We’d arrived in Edinburgh the day before, and had wandered into this particular real estate office, because it was next door to the coffee shop where we’d just had our lunch.The solicitor was a kind-faced man in his late fifties, with an intelligent expression and … Read more