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A Month In The Life Of An English Writer In Tuscany – May Reflections

The continuing adventures of June Finnigan, her Man, and Farty Barty the cat.

Benvenuti to all my lovely Loyal and New Followers

There is no other way to say it, but the first week in May was awful. For me that is, I’m sure the rest for Tuscany was having a very nice time. You see, my man and I went down with the worst virus imaginable. He recovered rather more quickly, however, I was in bed for ten horrible days! But you don’t want to know about that, I have only mentioned it because in the eleven years we have been living here, I have only had a couple of slight colds and have always boasted about my good health in these dolce colline (sweet hills).Anyway, things improved dramatically in the second week as the time lost was a gain, in so much that our lovely terraced garden had erupted into every perfumed flower and shrub imaginable. Thank god for the Chianti Hills.
Also in the second week, a new and exciting thing happened, when my musician friend and fellow member of the Rock Chick Band, asked me if I could write some English lyrics for a revamp of an old song, originally famous in 60’s Italy. This was a first for me, however, I have a very good ear for music and singing is relatively easy for me. I am also a poet and so I was able to write fitting romantic lyrics that have been approved by all concerned, including the record label! We hope that a certain famous singer will want to record it, so watch this space!

By the end of the week I had bounced back and was eating normally, and of course enjoying the vino again! My man and I popped into ristorante ‘C’era una Volta’ in Lucardo for pranzo (lunch) and heaven literally dropped onto my plate in the form of Burrata cheese. Burrata is similar to Mozzarella, however, when you cut through the outer skin a thick creamy gorgeous cheese oozes out. Paolo serves it up with wood fire grilled vegetables (courgette, red pepper, red onion etc.) and whatever salad is in season from his orto (veg garden). Mmmmm I think I’ll have the same tomorrow!

The third week was a little strange weather wise. One minute we were enjoying aperitivi outside, the next we were lighting log fires as the evening temperatures would suddenly drop.

However, I was by now, well into writing my third novel, ‘The Italian Connection’ and my heroine Joanna Wilde found herself staying in The Castello, a beautiful historic castle in Tuscany. She has a new and fascinating role to play and here is a little extract; she is unpacking in her four-poster bedroom….

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’I smiled and lifted out my favourite handgun. “It’s a Beretta 70, good little shooter, favoured by the James Bond girlies I believe,” Dominic’s voice echoed in my head. Feeling the weight of it in my right hand, I checked the mechanism, which was as smooth as silk. Then crouching, I held it with both hands in front of the long mirror. I felt a rush of pure adrenalin. Under the first layer of the box I found the thigh holster I favoured and a supply of ammunition. I loaded the gun and made sure the safety catch was on. I placed it in the holster and strapped it to my inner thigh. It felt good.’

Well, I hope that leaves you wanting to read more!

Meanwhile, I was also getting into daily singing practice for our next rock concert, which, as I write this column is now only one week away. However, back in the third and fourth weeks of May, we were finalising the repertoire and thinking about buffet menus, the latter being my worst headache.

Thank heavens help arrives in the form of my lovely sister-in-law five days before the concert, so no doubt we will come up with something even better than last year! My neighbour and celebrity cook, Judy Witts Francini is providing some designer stuffed tomatoes, so that’s already lifted the quality!

Talking about food, I really must get down to the kitchen and grill those lovely fresh asparagus from the local market, top them with melted pecorino cheese and sprinkle with toasted pine nuts.

Have a great month and see you soon. Do drop me a line and visit my author site.
Salute June x

PS On the upper terrace Farty Barty the cat is into ‘I got here first, you’ll have to sit somewhere else’ mode.

June Finnigan is an English expat who lives with husband Paul and Barty the cat in their lovely villa overlooking the Chianti Hills, in Tuscany.

June is a published Author and her novels, 'My Father, The Assassin' and the "The Bolivian Connection" are available on Amazon.

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