Education In France – Shoes vs. Hats

I recently read the following quote: “In France, once you have chosen a pair of shoes, you must wear them for life.” Well now, anyone who knows me is aware that I LOVE shoes, but the thought of only one pair is unimaginable. I suppose I should say “hat,” rather than shoes, since this is … Read more

Joyeux 400-ieme Anniversaire – (un peu tardif) !

André Le Nôtre is best known as the designer gardener of the Grand Siècle, the 17th century, when he created magnificent gardens for the Sun King, Louis XIV at Versailles. During this time, the arts in general were flourishing: music, visual arts, and spectacular creativity in other media. Born in Paris on March 12, 1613, … Read more

Submerged Dangers In The French Riviera

The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, with its various shades of turquoise and cobalt blue is a stunning, regional icon of the French Riviera. A multitude of boats and yachts of all sizes can be seen docked in the various ports and/or drifting at sea, dotting the ocean’s landscape. Unfortunately, these two luxurious entities don’t … Read more

A Colorful Tradition Of The French Riviera

Before living in France, I had only heard of “mimosa” in reference to the cocktail made from one part champagne and one part orange juice – a delicious and refreshing aperitif. Little did I realize, at that time, that the drink’s name was based on the vibrant, yellow color of a flowering tree. The French … Read more

An Expat Dance: Who’s Leading Whom?

My dream had always been to live in France – I mean, whose isn’t? So, it was that when life events occurred and opportunities arose, I made the decision to take a teaching sabbatical and lead myself to live one year in Montpellier: a happening, university town full of students and, in my experience, an … Read more