Why Having The Right Networking Mindset Is Key To Networking Success

Some people believe networking is about going to conferences or events, being social, making conversation and when appropriate letting people know about their career or job search interests. They attend events thinking – how can these people help me get what I want? This approach to networking rarely gets the kind of results one gets […]

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The Realities Of Today’s Dynamic Global Employment Climate

Today’s world of work is a much different place than just a few years ago. Many previously proven international job search and career management tools and strategies are no longer relevant in this new digitally oriented and dynamic global employment climate. Those that recognize that international job search tools and strategies must be tailored to […]

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Personal Branding is the Key to Expat or International Career Success

In today’s dynamic, competitive, global marketplace where employers are seeking out talent across the globe, to succeed professionally we must understand how we create value in the world – and insure that the people that need that value are aware of it. We must be visible to right decision makers so when those choice projects […]

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