Applying For Residency In Panama

We’ve been living in Panama for almost two years now. Even though we’re here full time, year round, officially we are tourists. We’ve made no effort to “regularize” our status, as they say in the immigration biz, because we weren’t ready to commit to staying here. When we arrived, a tourist visa let you stay … Read more

Bon Appetit, Expats!

I devoured my French ham and cheese dinner crepe like a starving refugee as my husband inhaled his Japanese noodle dish. I certainly wasn’t actually starving, but we were starving for the tastes of home. We’d been living in Panama for a year and a half, and this was my husband’s first visit back to … Read more

A Tale of Two Countries, One House, And No Documents

Before we moved to Panama in the spring of 2012, we sold off pretty much everything we owned. Some went through ads on Craigslist or eBay, but most of our worldly goods went to others in the course of a single-day estate sale. Trouble was, we still owned the house itself. The real estate market … Read more

As An Expat, How Do You Bloom Where You’re Planted?

I have a confession to make. Contentment and I are not good friends. I’m good at starting new things. I’m not good at long-term maintenance, whether it’s a job, a house, or a geographic location. I envy those who are content with where they are, but I’m not usually one of them. Even before I … Read more

Technology – As An Expat I Can’t Live Without It

Several years before we moved to Panama I traded in my desktop computer for a large laptop. With a 17-inch screen, it was quite adequate as a desktop replacement and I worked happily with it for about four years. Occasionally when I traveled I would complain about its weight – 10 pounds all by itself. … Read more

Fuzzy Slippers And Home

A funny thing happened on my way to Orlando last week. My flight landed at Orlando International Airport. I made my way through customs and immigration, retrieved my bags, then headed for the main terminal. If you know the Orlando International Airport, you know that monorail shuttles carry passengers between the main terminal buildings and … Read more

Expats, Big Brother The NSA Is Watching You

NSA spying is all over the news today. If you believe the allegations, the NSA and the FBI have been harvesting massive amounts of data from emails, social networks, phone calls and other communications for years. They say they’re only monitoring communications from overseas, not targeting US citizens. However, if you’re an expat from the … Read more

Rent Before You Buy In A New Country

For years I’ve been advising expats, “rent before you buy.” I’m so glad I followed my own advice, because my husband and I have just become poster children for renting first. If you’re expatriating because your company is sending you overseas, you probably don’t have a lot of choice about where you’ll live. But if … Read more

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