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Costa Rica – Finding Property to Rent

Popular Rental Areas for Expats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been a favorite destination for expats seeking a balance between a tropical paradise and a high quality of life. The country offers diverse landscapes, abundant natural beauty, and a stable political environment. Here are some popular rental areas for expats in Costa Rica and the reasons they attract foreigners:

Central Pacific Coast

The Central Pacific Coast, including areas like Jacó and Manuel Antonio, is a magnet for expats. The region offers stunning beaches, a warm climate, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Jacó, in particular, is known for its vibrant nightlife, while Manuel Antonio is renowned for its national park and abundant wildlife.

North Pacific Coast (Guanacaste)

Guanacaste, located in the northwestern part of the country, is a hotspot for expats. It boasts a dry tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and a growing number of amenities. Tamarindo, Playas del Coco, and Playa Flamingo are among the popular expat destinations in this region.

Central Valley (San José and Surroundings)

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The Central Valley, which includes the capital city of San José and surrounding towns like Escazú and Santa Ana, is popular among expats who seek a mix of urban convenience and access to nature. The area offers excellent healthcare facilities, international schools, and cultural activities.

Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, including places like Puerto Viejo and Cahuita, attracts expats looking for a laid-back, Caribbean vibe. The region is known for its lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, and diverse culture. It offers a unique blend of Afro-Caribbean and indigenous influences.

Southern Pacific Coast (Osa Peninsula)

The Osa Peninsula in the Southern Pacific Coast is a pristine, ecologically diverse area that appeals to expats seeking a remote and untouched paradise. The town of Puerto Jiménez serves as a gateway to Corcovado National Park, a biological gem.

Main Websites for Properties to Rent in Costa Rica

Expats searching for rental properties in Costa Rica have access to various online platforms and websites that list a wide range of properties. These websites offer user-friendly search options, property details, and contact information for landlords or agencies. Here are some of the main websites for finding rental properties in Costa Rica:


Encuentra24 is a popular classifieds website in Costa Rica that includes a dedicated section for real estate rentals. expats can search for apartments, houses, vacation rentals, and commercial spaces in various Costa Rican cities. The platform provides contact details for property listers.

Point2 Homes Costa Rica

Point2 Homes offers an extensive selection of rental listings in Costa Rica. Expats can search for properties by location, property type, and budget. The website provides detailed property descriptions, photos, and contact information for agents or property owners.

TUAD Costa Rica

TUAD Costa Rica is a real estate portal that features rental listings across the country. expats can explore properties such as apartments, houses, and vacation rentals. The platform offers a user-friendly search interface and contact options for property advertisers.

Century 21 Tamarindo

Century 21 Tamarindo is a real estate agency that specializes in the Tamarindo area of Guanacaste, a popular expat destination. Their website showcases rental properties in Tamarindo, Langosta, and surrounding communities. Expats can contact their team for assistance with rental inquiries.

RE/MAX Ocean Surf & Sun

RE/MAX Ocean Surf & Sun is a real estate agency based in Tamarindo, Guanacaste. They offer rental services for expats looking for properties in the region. Their website provides information on available rental properties and contact details for inquiries.

Main Letting Agencies in Costa Rica

Letting agencies and property management companies in Costa Rica can be valuable partners for expats looking for rental properties. These agencies often have multilingual staff, local expertise, and knowledge of the rental market. Here are some main letting agencies in Costa Rica:

Properties in Costa Rica

Properties in Costa Rica is a real estate agency that offers rental services in various regions of the country. They have a user-friendly website where expats can search for rental properties, including long-term and vacation rentals.

Blue Water Ventures

Blue Water Ventures is a property management and rental agency located in Tamarindo, Guanacaste. They specialize in vacation rentals and long-term rentals in the Tamarindo area. Expats can browse their website for available rental properties.

Krain Costa Rica

Krain Costa Rica is a real estate and property management company serving the Central Valley region. They offer rental services for apartments, houses, and condominiums. expats can visit their website to explore rental listings and contact their team.

Beach Property Costa Rica

Beach Property Costa Rica specializes in beachfront and ocean-view rental properties along the Pacific Coast. Their website features a wide range of rental options in popular expat destinations such as Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo, and Playa Hermosa.

Tico Realty Group

Tico Realty Group is a real estate agency with a focus on rental properties in the San José metropolitan area and the Central Valley. They offer both residential and commercial rentals, and expats can explore their available listings on their website.

Other Ways to Find Property Rentals in Costa Rica

Besides utilizing online platforms and letting agencies, expats in Costa Rica can explore alternative methods for finding rental properties:

Local Newspapers and Bulletin Boards: Some expats find rental listings in local newspapers or on community bulletin boards in popular expat areas.

Networking and Expat Groups: Joining expat groups and online forums can provide valuable leads on available rentals, as fellow expats often share information and recommendations.

Word of Mouth: Asking local contacts, neighbors, or coworkers for rental leads can sometimes uncover hidden gems that are not widely advertised.

Real Estate Offices: Visiting local real estate offices in the desired region can provide access to additional rental listings and personalized assistance from agents.

Local Property Owners: In some cases, expats may find rental opportunities by directly approaching property owners or landlords, especially for long-term rentals.

It’s important for expats to conduct thorough research, visit properties in person when possible, and review lease agreements carefully to ensure they meet their needs and comply with local regulations.

In conclusion, Costa Rica offers a variety of popular rental areas for expats, each with its unique appeal. Whether seeking beachfront bliss, urban convenience, or rainforest serenity, expats have access to a diverse range of rental options in this beautiful Central American country.