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Costa Rica > Working

Costa Rica

How To Find A Job In Costa Rica

While Costa Rica is an attractive destination, finding a job there can be challenging. With a highly literate, skilled local work-force and very tight residency laws, there are few opportunities for foreigners, and those that are available are largely restricted to people who already have Permanent Residency and have been sponsored by a potential employer for a work permit. Employers cannot legally offer any job to a foreigner unless it cannot be ...    more ...
Costa Rica

Will Costa Rica Be The Next Digital Nomad Hotspot?

Costa Rica is on a fast track to become one of Latin America’s best destinations for digital nomads. Remote workers flock to this idyllic country for an average of three to six months. Becoming a digital nomad is an option for anyone who can earn a living over the internet: remote yoga instructors, foreign language tutors, travel writers, translators and freelancers from all walks of life.    more ...
Costa Rica

Setting Up Your Own Business In Costa Rica- A Guide For Expat Entrepreneurs

Expats are by nature intrepid sorts, willing to decamp from their home, ready to set up a new life in a new country. So it's no surprise that many are also daring in business, willing to commit to a new idea or product, throwing time, effort and money into turning a profit.    more ...
Costa Rica

Starting A New Business In Costa Rica - A Guide For Expats

(c) Mariamichelle on Pixabay
It may not be the first destination to roll off an entrepreneurial expat's tongue, but starting a new business in Costa Rica has a lot to recommend it.

It is not only an increasingly popular destination for tourists, but expats are also gravitating to the country, no doubt attracted by its reputation as being one of the happiest places in the world for expats to live.

That's the finding from the Happy Planet index, and the friendly people t ...    more ...
Costa Rica

Setting Up Your Own Business In Costa Rica? Here's What You Need To Know

Costa Rica in Central America is ranked as one of the most visited international destinations in the world. A democratic country, it has always enjoyed peace and has not had an army since 1949. Costa Rica is a small country, spanning just 0.03 percent of the earth’s surface. But it is home to 5 percent of the world’s biodiversity, and 25.58 percent of the country’s area is made up of conservation and natural protected territory.    more ...
Costa Rica

A Guide To Office Culture In Costa Rica

You will often hear the term “pura vida” in connection with Costa Rica. It means pure life and is used by the locals as a form of greeting, to express gratitude and even to refer to a person who is friendly. It is reflective of the relaxed Costa Rican lifestyle and is an ideal description of how the locals experience life – as something to be enjoyed and cherished.

Expats are not likely to face much of a culture shock in the business a ...    more ...
Costa Rica

Starting A Business In Costa Rica: Perrovida Craft Beer

Perrovida Craft Beer
Shannon Enete interviews Kyle Kersey, Perrovida Craft Beer

Who are you? Tell me a little bit about your family.

I’m Kyle Kersey from Washington D.C. area. I grew up there. My wife and I went to high school together. We joke that our relationship is a homecoming dance that never ended because our first date was sophomore year’s homecoming. We got married our freshman year of college and moved to the subburbs, where we had 3 sons back ...    more ...

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