10 Websites Expats Need To Visit Before Moving To South Africa

Expats with slightly higher levels of education or unique skill sets are able to find many lucrative job opportunities in South Africa. They are able to live a high quality life here in close proximity to the country’s abundant natural beauty. The stunning coastline, mountains, plains, wildlife and diversity of flora and fauna make South … Read more

Just How Dangerous Is Life As An Expat In South Africa?

Crime and safety can be a major worry for residents in South Africa. New expats feel they may not enjoy the same sense of freedom they had in their home countries and may have to live in restricted estates or gated communities for protection. The on-going trial of Oscar Pistorius for the murder of his … Read more

Amy Thom, Cape Town

Who are you? My name is Amy Thom. I’m a freelance writer, nonprofit research consultant and gypsy traveller extraordinaire. I’m originally from Chicago but escaped Midwestern winters and resettled in San Diego, California. During my 10+ years on the west coast, I earned an undergrad degree in International Studies, started a successful business as a … Read more

Dealing with Crime in South Africa as an Expat

In 2010, South Africa quietly snuck into that group of developing economies formerly known as the BRIC nations [an acronym formed from Brazil, Russia, India, China], appending an “S” to the end of “BRIC” in the process. The World Bank’s report on GDP in the following year places South Africa 27th out of 193 countries … Read more

Sine Thieme, Johannesburg

My name is Sine Thieme and I am what they call a trailing spouse. Or sometimes dragged-by-her-feet spouse. I’ve had to pack up our household and four kids more times than I can remember, leaving behind places I’d just gotten comfortable in to set out for the next adventure, and reinventing myself in the process. … Read more

Jane, Johannesburg

My name is Jane. I’m an English-born expat currently living in Johannesburg, but as with most things in my life, it is a little more complicated than that. My first expat experience was living in Paris and working as a teaching assistant at a lycee. I was only there for a year, but it gave … Read more

Caroline Collie, Gordon’s Bay

What a deep question right off the bat! My name is Caroline Collie, and I’m an American married to a South African I met in Scotland. We work for a charity called Samaritan's Feet and have one delightful little Scottish-African-American son, and another on the way this month! I first moved to Edinburgh, Scotland in … Read more

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