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Cyprus – Health Insurance

Cyprus is a popular destination for expats due to its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and low cost of living. As a foreigner living in Cyprus, it’s important to understand the country’s healthcare system and the options available for health insurance coverage.

Health Insurance Requirements in Cyprus

Health insurance is mandatory for all residents in Cyprus, including expats. Cyprus has a National Health Service (NHS) that provides basic healthcare services to all legal residents. However, the NHS doesn’t cover all medical treatments and procedures, and the waiting times can be long.

State Health Insurance System in Cyprus

The NHS in Cyprus is funded through taxes and social security contributions. The system is divided into two tiers:

  1. General Healthcare System (GHS): This is the main tier of the NHS and provides basic healthcare services, including doctor’s visits, prescription medication, and hospital treatment. The GHS covers most medical treatments, but there may be long waiting times for some procedures.

  2. Private Healthcare System (PHS): The PHS is a supplementary tier of the NHS and provides faster access to medical treatments and procedures. Patients can choose to use the PHS instead of the GHS, but they must pay a fee for each service they receive.

Applying for State Health Insurance System in Cyprus

To apply for state health insurance in Cyprus, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a residence permit: You must have a valid residence permit to apply for health insurance in Cyprus. You can obtain a residence permit from the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

  2. Register with the Social Insurance Department: You must register with the Social Insurance Department and pay social security contributions to be eligible for state health insurance.

  3. Apply for a health insurance card: Once you’re registered with the Social Insurance Department, you can apply for a health insurance card from the Health Insurance Organisation. You’ll need to provide your personal details and pay an annual fee to receive the card.

Advantages of Private Medical Insurance in Cyprus

While the NHS in Cyprus provides basic healthcare services, there are advantages to having international private medical insurance as an expat. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Access to private hospitals and clinics: With private medical insurance, you can access private hospitals and clinics in Cyprus, which may offer faster and more convenient healthcare services.

  2. More extensive coverage: Private medical insurance can provide more extensive coverage than the NHS, including coverage for pre-existing conditions, dental care, and maternity care.

  3. Worldwide coverage: If you travel frequently outside of Cyprus, international private medical insurance can provide coverage for medical treatment abroad.

  4. English-speaking medical staff: Many private hospitals and clinics in Cyprus have English-speaking medical staff, which can be beneficial for expats who may not speak fluent Greek.

  5. Shorter waiting times: With private medical insurance, you can avoid long waiting times for medical treatments and procedures that may be common with the NHS.

In summary, while health insurance is mandatory in Cyprus, expats may want to consider international private medical insurance to access more extensive healthcare services and avoid long waiting times. It’s essential to understand the options available and compare different insurance providers to find the best coverage for your needs.

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