Mat, Sao Paulo

Who are you? Hey everyone, my name is Mat, and I spent the first 29 years of my life residing in my home country, England, from where I gained my bachelor’s in Film & Media Production and held my last job as an event manager for an events and marketing company. From there, I gained … Read more

Tania Davidson, New Zealand

Who are you? My name is Tania Davidson. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I’m a licensed /registered Clinical Psychologist from Ventura California, and I moved to New Zealand March 29, 2021. New Zealand, like California, has everything I love: beautiful open spaces, sailing, backpacking, mountains, and a temperate climate, but less of … Read more

Thérèse Lafleche, France

Who are you? Thérèse Lafleche, a mother of two, wife, and gypsy soul. Born in Canada, I have had a strong sense of wanderlust since the age of 16 and first remember wanting to travel when I was six and saw a globe in my uncle’s office. I am also the founder of Passport Lifestyles. … Read more

Serena, Salzburg

Who are you? My name is Serena, I am 27, and I come from a beautiful country, rich with breath-taking landscapes, sun and genuine people. Tourism is an amazing resource in Italy, so many people dream of the blue sea and the delicious food, trying to visit the “Bel Paese” at least once in a … Read more

Anthony Brownlow, New Zealand

Who are you? My name is Anthony Brownlow. I’m single and 58 now and originally from Bolton, England, United Kingdom.   Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved from my hometown of Bolton to Napier Hawkes Bay in New Zealand in August 2014. I emigrated after years of thinking and umming and … Read more

Dave Proctor, La Safor, Spain

Who are you? Hi, my name is Dave Proctor. During my working life, I worked as an accountant (boring), policeman (mainly CID), legal advisor (I hated this job), wine buyer/sales (hic) and then, lastly, as a sports photographer. Since moving to Spain, I have taken up writing, and to my absolute surprise, I have had … Read more

Laura Brind, the Cayman Islands

Who are you? My name is Laura. I live with my husband, two chihuahuas and a rescue kitten, and I work as a teacher for autistic children. Where, when and why did you move abroad? We moved to the Cayman Islands from the UK in August 2018, as I had lived pretty much my whole … Read more

Anjali Nair, Tampa Bay, Florida

Who are you? I’m Anjali Nair, a Marketing Planner and Program Specialist living in the Sunshine State of Florida, USA. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Tampa Bay, Florida, USA from Mumbai, India in around June 2017. My husband and I met online through a matrimonial portal, then got married … Read more

Marianne Fernandes, Barbados

Who are you? Where, when and why did you move abroad? I’m Marianne, I’m 31, and I’m a digital marketer. Four years ago, I moved to the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. I’ve been freelance for a few years, and in 2019 I co-founded Caribbean Collective, with the idea of bringing together business-minded creatives to … Read more

Sarah and Eric Hollis, Gmunden

Who are you? We are Sarah and Eric Hollis – your ordinary, animal-obsessed, travel-loving family presented with a life-changing opportunity to emBARK on a three-year, 4,623-mile away adventure, with our three animals, from Illinois to Austria. My name is Sarah, and I am an Austria-based art director, designer, illustrator, photographer and all-around creative guru. I … Read more