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Finland – Dentists and Dental Treatment

Finland is known for its high-quality healthcare system, and dental care is no exception. In this article, we will explore how to find and register with a dentist in Finland and how dental appointments are paid for.

Finding and Registering with a Dentist in Finland

In Finland, finding a dentist is a straightforward process. The Finnish public healthcare system provides basic dental care to all citizens, and finding a dentist covered by the public system is as easy as checking the public dental care website for available dentists in your area. Private dental care is also widely available in Finland, with many private clinics offering high-quality care.

To register with a public dentist, you need to have a Finnish personal identity code, which is given to Finnish citizens and permanent residents. With the code, you can simply contact a public dental clinic to book an appointment. It is also possible to book an appointment online or via phone, using the centralized appointment booking service.

For those who prefer private dental care, finding a dentist is as easy as searching for private clinics in your area. You can also check online reviews and ratings to ensure you are selecting a reputable provider.

Paying for Dental Appointments in Finland

Dental appointments in Finland are paid for either through private healthcare insurance or out-of-pocket. Public dental care is subsidized by the government and therefore has lower fees than private clinics. The government reimburses part of the cost for the treatment, and the remaining cost is paid by the patient.

For those who choose to use private dental care, the cost of treatment can vary significantly depending on the provider and the type of treatment needed. Private healthcare insurance can cover some or all of the costs, and many Finns have private insurance through their employers.

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It is also possible to apply for social assistance for dental treatment in Finland, but this requires meeting certain eligibility criteria. Low-income individuals and families with children are given priority in this program.

Finding and registering with a dentist in Finland is a simple process, with both public and private dental care options available. The Finnish healthcare system provides high-quality dental care to all citizens, and the cost of treatment can be subsidized through public dental care or private healthcare insurance. For those who are not covered by insurance or require financial assistance, social assistance for dental treatment is available.