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Finland – Finding Property to Buy

Popular Estate Agents in Finland

When looking for a reliable estate agent in Finland, you’ll find several reputable options to choose from. These estate agents have a strong presence in the Finnish real estate market:

  • Kiinteistömaailma: Kiinteistömaailma is one of the largest and most well-known estate agency chains in Finland. They have a wide network of offices across the country and offer a range of property services.
  • Asuntojen.hintatiedot.fi: This website provides valuable information on property prices in different areas of Finland. While not an estate agent in the traditional sense, it’s a valuable resource for property buyers.
  • Bo LKV: Bo LKV is a modern real estate agency in Finland that emphasizes digital services and customer satisfaction. They have a strong online presence and aim to streamline the property buying process.
  • SKV Kiinteistönvälitys: SKV is another prominent real estate agency in Finland with a long history. They offer a range of property-related services, including property valuations and auctions.

These estate agents can help you navigate the Finnish property market, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property.

Qualifications and Licences in Finland

In Finland, estate agents are required to have a license issued by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The qualifications and licensing requirements include:

  • Real Estate Agent Qualification: To become a licensed real estate agent in Finland, individuals must complete a real estate agent qualification, which includes relevant coursework and training.
  • License: After completing the qualification, individuals can apply for a license from the Finnish National Agency for Education. The license is necessary for practicing as a real estate agent in Finland.
  • Ongoing Professional Development: Licensed real estate agents are also required to engage in ongoing professional development to stay updated on industry trends and regulations.

It’s important to work with a licensed real estate agent in Finland to ensure that you receive professional and reliable services throughout your property transaction.

Breakdown of Estate Agent Fees in Finland

Estate agent fees in Finland typically involve both the buyer’s and seller’s agent, and they are based on the final sale price of the property. Here’s a breakdown of the fees:

  • Seller’s Agent Fee: The seller usually pays a commission fee to their agent, which is typically around 3-4% of the final sale price. This fee covers the agent’s services in marketing the property, negotiating with potential buyers, and handling the paperwork.
  • Buyer’s Agent Fee: If a buyer chooses to work with a buyer’s agent, they may also need to pay a fee, which is negotiable but typically falls in the range of 2-4% of the property’s purchase price. Some buyers opt to handle the transaction themselves to avoid this fee.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT): VAT applies to the agent’s commission fee, currently at a rate of 24%. Both the seller’s and buyer’s agent fees are subject to VAT.

It’s important to clarify the fees with your chosen estate agent and understand the terms of their services before entering into a contract. Additionally, VAT should be factored into the overall cost.

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Finding Property for Sale in Finland

Aside from estate agents, there are various resources for finding details of properties for sale in Finland:

  • Online Property Portals: Websites like Etuovi and Oikotie are popular online platforms where you can search for properties across Finland. They provide detailed listings with photos, descriptions, and pricing information.
  • Expat Websites: Expat forums and websites, such as Expat Finland and Expat.com, often have property listings and valuable insights from expats living in Finland.
  • Newspapers and Magazines: Local newspapers and real estate magazines also feature property listings. Look for publications like Kodin Terra and Kodin Kuvalehti.
  • Word of Mouth: Networking with locals, expats, and other property buyers in Finland can lead to valuable tips and information about available properties.

By exploring these resources, you can gain access to a wide range of property listings and stay informed about the Finnish real estate market.

Use of Buyer’s Agents in Finland

The use of buyer’s agents in Finland is not as common as in some other countries, but it is an option for those who seek specialized assistance throughout the property buying process. Here are some key points regarding buyer’s agents in Finland:

  • Availability: While not as prevalent as seller’s agents, there are buyer’s agents available in Finland who can assist property buyers.
  • Qualifications: Buyer’s agents in Finland do not have specific licensing requirements, but many have backgrounds in real estate and related fields.
  • Fees: The fees charged by buyer’s agents are typically negotiable and can vary based on the services provided. It’s essential to clarify the fee structure with your chosen agent before engaging their services.
  • Services Offered: Buyer’s agents in Finland can assist with property searches, negotiations, due diligence, and other aspects of the buying process. Buyers should clarify the scope of services provided by their chosen agent.

While the use of buyer’s agents is not as widespread as in some other countries, individuals who prefer personalized assistance and advocacy in their property purchase journey may find value in working with a qualified buyer’s agent in Finland.

Organizations for Foreign Property Buyers in Finland

Foreign property buyers in Finland can benefit from connecting with organizations and associations that provide support and information. Here are some relevant organizations:

  • Expat Finland: Expat Finland offers a wealth of information and resources for expats and foreign property buyers in Finland. Their website covers various aspects of living and investing in Finland, including real estate.

    • Finnish Chamber of Commerce: The Finnish Chamber of Commerce provides networking opportunities and business-related information, which can be valuable for foreign property buyers interested in investment opportunities in Finland.
    • French-Finnish Chamber of Commerce: For individuals from France or French-speaking regions, this chamber of commerce can be a helpful resource for networking and business-related information in Finland.
    • American Chamber of Commerce in Finland: The American Chamber of Commerce in Finland caters to the interests of American businesses and individuals. They provide networking opportunities and insights into the Finnish business environment.
    • Expat.com – Finland Forum: This online community and forum allow expats and foreign property buyers to connect, share experiences, and seek advice on various aspects of living and investing in Finland.

    These organizations can provide valuable networking opportunities, information, and support to foreign property buyers in Finland. Whether you are considering a property purchase for personal use or investment, connecting with these organizations can be beneficial.

    In Conclusion

    Finland offers a stable and attractive real estate market for both local and foreign property buyers. When navigating this market, it’s essential to work with reputable estate agents who are licensed and qualified to provide professional services. Additionally, understanding the fees associated with property transactions, exploring various property listing resources, and considering the use of a buyer’s agent are key steps in making informed property buying decisions.

    By leveraging the available resources and organizations in Finland, foreign property buyers can access valuable information, network with professionals, and gain a deeper understanding of the Finnish real estate landscape. Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment in Helsinki or a tranquil lakeside cottage, Finland offers diverse property options to suit various preferences and lifestyles.

    Remember that the real estate market and regulations can evolve, so it’s advisable to stay updated and consult with local experts when making property-related decisions in Finland.

    Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal, financial, or professional advice. Consult with qualified professionals for guidance on specific real estate transactions and investments.

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