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Finland – Postal Service

Postal Service in Finland

The postal service in Finland is handled by Posti, which is a state-owned company. Posti is responsible for delivering letters and parcels across the country, as well as providing a range of other postal services. In addition to Posti, there are several other private courier companies operating in Finland.

Major Service Providers

Posti is the main postal service provider in Finland, handling around 97% of all postal traffic in the country. The company has a comprehensive network of post offices and mailboxes, and provides a range of services including:

  • Letter and parcel delivery
  • Express and courier services
  • E-commerce logistics
  • Direct marketing
  • Digital solutions

Other private courier companies operating in Finland include DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

Speed and Reliability

The postal service in Finland is generally very reliable, with most letters and parcels being delivered within 1-2 days of posting. Posti offers a range of delivery options, including express delivery and priority delivery, for customers who require faster delivery times.

Additional Services

In addition to its core postal services, Posti also offers a range of additional services at its post offices. These services include:

  • Banking services
  • Insurance services
  • Passport and ID card services
  • Postal address and mail forwarding services

Delivery Coverage

Posti delivers to every home and business in Finland, including remote areas in the north of the country. In some cases, delivery may be restricted to certain days of the week due to the low population density in some areas.

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For addresses that are not covered by Posti’s delivery network, there are a range of alternative delivery options available. Private courier companies such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx operate across the country and provide delivery services to areas that may not be covered by Posti.

Writing an Address in Finland

When writing an address in Finland, the following format should be used:

Recipient’s Name
Street Address
Postal Code and City

For example:

Johanna Karki
Mannerheimintie 12 A 17

Note that the street address should be written on one line, and the postal code and city should be written on the same line, separated by a space.

Postcode Lookup

Posti’s website provides a postcode lookup service for addresses in Finland. To use this service, simply enter the address you wish to look up and the website will provide the correct postcode for that address.