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Hong Kong - Electricity

Turning on your utilities is one of the first things you will have to do once you have moved to Hong Kong and secured your housing. Although you will most certainly have electricity, you might also have gas as well.

The voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts for a single phase or 220/380 volts 3 phase 4 wires on 50 Hertz. The British-style rectangular blade 3-pin plug is the standard plug in Hong Kong and if you have appliances from Europe they should work as long as you have the correct adapter.

When setting up electric service in Hong Kong, there are two main providers: Hong Kong Electric Holdings Ltd and China Light and Power. China Light and Power services the outlying islands, New Territories, and Kowloon. Hong Kong Electric Holdings Ltd services Lamma and Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Electric Holdings Ltd (HEH)
9/F Electric Centre, 28 City Garden Road, North Point, Hong Kong
24-hour Emergency Hotline: 2555 4000
Customer Services: 852 2887 3411 (office hours)
Fax: 852 2510 7667

China Light and Power (CLP Power)
13/F 6 On Lai Street, Shatin, New Territories
Emergency Hotline: 852 2728 8333 (24/7)
Customer Info Line: 852 2678 2678

You can open your electric account either by fax, online, or in person. At the time of opening, you must have your passport or Hong Kong ID card ready. This will normally be your passport when you first arrive since you generally won’t have your Hong Kong ID yet. Simply having the passport and proof of residency is acceptable. You must usually pay a deposit of 60 days worth of expected electricity consumption. The amount can vary, though and is determined by the company and is in reference to the usage on the account. You should hang onto the receipt since when you close the account you will need proof of your deposit funds so that you can get your deposit back. In some situations, the company might accept a guarantee instead of a cash deposit from a company approved institution.

If you’re applying for a New Supply or Change of Load, an appointment can be set up with the company to have your electrical installation inspected. If the load that you are applying for exceeds the maximum permitted load then you must gain the permission from the owner of the main electrical system. During the inspection, a copy of the Work Completion Certificate (WR1) issued by a registered electrical contractor (REC) should be provided the Inspector.

There are bi-monthly meter-readings on your meter and you will receive a monthly bill for your electricity usage. It is possible to pay your bill online, by check, in person at a customer service center or post office, or by mail. You can also use direct debit so that your bill is taken out of your bank account each month. There is a minimum of HK$36 charge.

Domestic rates are based on the amount of electricity you consume. For instance, for the first 400 units, the price is 77.8 cents per unit. For the next 600 units, the price is 89.4 cents per unit. The more electricity you consume, the higher the rates that correspond with the usage are. The fuel clause charge is 22.4 cents per unit. If you have a bill that has a bimonthly consumption of 400 units or less, you are eligible to receive an energy savings rebate. This ranges from 7.0 cents per unit on a consumption range of 301-400 units to 9.0 cents per unit on a consumption range of 1-200 units.

Those who are age 60 or older and live by themselves or with another qualified senior citizen and who currently receive or could receive the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance are eligible for the Concessionary Tariff for the Elderly. The rates for this concession are half-price for the first 400 units in two months as well as an exemption of the bill’s minimum fee.

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