How To Find A Job In Hong Kong

The city-state of Hong Kong is one of the most booming urban centres on Earth and has been a major attraction for expats seeking employment for many years, particularly those from the UK, with which Hong Kong obviously has historical ties. There are a very wide range of jobs available but there are also some … Read more

Why Are Expat Relocation Packages Being Downsized In Hong Kong?

The Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong, is one of the most interesting places in Asia to live and work in. This country has a lot to offer in terms of cultural experiences, infrastructure, diversity, quality of life, safety, education and career opportunities, to name just a few. The best part is that it offers … Read more

The Best Co-Working Spaces For Expat Entrepreneurs In Hong Kong

For several years now, Hong Kong has been actively promoting its startup culture, not just among its citizens but also among its foreign residents and visitors, by making constant reforms to its entrepreneurship laws and regulations. Hong Kong has become a major Asian hub of new businesses for consultants and freelancers from around the world. … Read more

A Guide To Employment Laws In Hong Kong

Employment laws are important for both employers and employees. Since human resources play such a significant role in a company, the employer needs to be able to manage them effectively to ensure success. Employment laws ensure that the employer has certain rights and obligations with regard to the employees, which are in place right from … Read more

Expat Employment and The Hong Kong Job Market

As a major financial hub of the world, Hong Kong employs thousands upon thousands of expat workers that relocate in search of work and a better quality of life. Enticed by the area’s low taxes, efficient and well-developed public transportation system and heavy use of English, expats from areas like the United States, Europe and … Read more

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