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Hungary – Animal Welfare and Cultural Issues

Hungary is a country located in Central Europe, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and breathtaking landscapes. It is also a country with a strong love for animals, and the people of Hungary are generally very fond of pets. In this article, we will explore the prevailing attitude towards animals and pets in Hungary, the laws regarding pet ownership, major animal charities, pet supply stores, and cultural taboos or sensitivities associated with different types of animals in Hungary.

Prevailing Attitude to Animals and Pets

Hungarians have a strong appreciation for animals, and pets are highly valued members of many households. According to a survey conducted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, around 50% of Hungarian households have at least one pet. The most popular pets in Hungary are dogs, followed by cats, birds, and small mammals like hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

Laws Regarding Pet Ownership

In Hungary, there are several laws in place to protect the welfare of animals and regulate pet ownership. All dogs and cats must be microchipped, and their owners must register them with the local authorities. Owners must also ensure that their pets have a valid rabies vaccination, and they must keep their pets on a leash or in a designated area while in public spaces.

Additionally, there are restrictions on the breeding and sale of certain types of animals. For example, it is illegal to breed or sell certain types of dogs, such as pit bulls, without a special permit. The sale of exotic animals like monkeys, reptiles, and certain types of birds is also heavily regulated.

Major Animal Charities

There are several animal charities in Hungary that work to protect the welfare of animals and promote responsible pet ownership. Here are some of the major animal charities in Hungary:

Hungarian Society for Animal Protection and Nature Conservation (MME)

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MME is one of the oldest and most well-known animal charities in Hungary. It was founded in 1974 with the mission of protecting and conserving Hungarian wildlife and promoting responsible pet ownership. MME works on a variety of projects, including bird monitoring, habitat restoration, and education programs.

Hungarian Animal Welfare Society (MASSZ)

MASSZ is another well-known animal charity in Hungary that works to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. MASSZ provides a variety of services, including adoption programs, education initiatives, and veterinary care for animals in need.

Animal Rescue Hungary (ARH)

ARH is a non-profit organization that focuses on rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats in Hungary. The organization operates a shelter in Budapest and works with local communities to provide education on responsible pet ownership.

Pet Supply Stores

There are many pet supply stores in Hungary, both physical and online. Here are some of the most popular pet supply stores in Hungary:


Aquamania is a popular pet supply store chain in Hungary that specializes in aquariums and fish. The store also offers a variety of other pet supplies, including food, toys, and accessories.


Fressnapf is a European pet supply store chain that has several locations in Hungary. The store offers a wide range of pet supplies, including food, toys, and accessories for dogs, cats, and other pets.


ZooPlus is an online pet supply store that ships to Hungary. The store offers a wide range of pet supplies, including food, toys, and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals.

Cultural Taboos or Sensitivities

In Hungary, there are no significant cultural taboos or sensitivities associated with different types of animals. However, it is worth noting that Hungary has a rich history of hunting, and therefore hunting dogs, such as pointers and hounds, are popular among some communities. These dogs are often trained for hunting and require specialized care and attention.

Another animal-related cultural issue in Hungary is the use of horses for entertainment purposes, such as horse racing and carriage rides. While these activities are legal and regulated, animal welfare activists have raised concerns about the treatment of horses used in these industries. There have been calls for better regulation and monitoring to ensure the welfare of horses in these industries.

Overall, Hungary has a generally positive attitude towards animals and pets. The country has a range of laws and regulations in place to protect animal welfare, and there are also a number of organizations and businesses dedicated to animal welfare and pet care.

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