How To Find A Job In Indonesia

Indonesia is an appealing prospect for expats seeking employment, particularly regions such as Bali, but it is not the easiest place in which to find work. Its economy is recovering from recent reversals, however, and there are some sectors which still welcome expats, particularly ones with high level qualifications and experience.The petroleum and gas sectors … Read more

How To Start A Business In Indonesia

Indonesia is a vast and varied country. With a population of 260 million and over 300 ethnicities and languages, it presents a unique challenge to anyone looking to start up a business. The country’s natural riches and stable politics have seen Indonesia’s economy sail through the global recession and go from strength to strength. With … Read more

Finding A Job In Indonesia As An Expat

Indonesia is a chain of islands that are home to various ethnic communities. Its economy is the biggest in Southeast Asia and the country houses a sizable expat community. A large number of expats in Indonesia work at foreign companies, while many also secure employment as English teachers. Finding work at a foreign company makes … Read more