Who are you? Most people, I guess, would start answering by saying their name, place of origin, a little bit about what they love.Following this logic, my name is Minola, I am Romanian – as in by nationality, born in a mixed Romanian-Hungarian family in a wonderful border city in the North-West of Romania; my … Read more

Laura Ratcliffe, Clausen

Where, when and why did you move abroad? This year, I am expanding my singers club and singing lessons to Luxembourg. What challenges did you face during the move? Getting used to the culture and respecting how things work here.How did you find somewhere to live? Our apartment came with my partner’s job. Are there … Read more

Marina Kirchens-Sargsian

Who are you? Hello everyone! My name is Marina-Kirchens Sargsian, I am a lawyer, CEO & Founder of MSK Group Law Firm in Luxembourg.I am 29 years old, Armenian, the proud owner of dual citizenship – Luxembourgish and Russian. Where, when and why did you move abroad? Lao Tzu said once: ‘A journey of a … Read more

Diana Lockhart

Who are you? Diana Lockhart , more-than-middle-aged woman who loves her husband and will follow him anywhere! Where, when and why did you move abroad? We moved to Luxembourg in July 2016 for my husband’s job. What challenges did you face during the move? Paperwork for the visa is a bit cumbersome. We were leaving … Read more

Corie Bratter

Who are you? My name is Corie and I am the founder of Barefoot in Luxembourg, the blog that gets people together through events, restaurants and social opportunities in Luxembourg. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Luxembourg almost 11 years ago.I actually wanted to have an experience abroad but I … Read more

Sébastien De Landtsheer, Luxembourg

Who are you? I was born in Brussels in 1980. My interests converged to science during my teenage. Between astronomy, engineering, chemistry and many other disciplines, I finally chose to study pharmaceutical sciences. After failing the second year, I settled for a bachelor’s degree in biology. My thirst for experience in research led me to … Read more

Sara Vernocchi, Luxembourg

Who are you? I am a 29-year old girl from Italy. I grew up in Ferrara, a little city in the North-East of the country. Since childhood I have been always fascinated by the human body and science in general. My academic career started in my hometown with a bachelor in pharmaceutical biotechnologies and continued … Read more

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