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Malaysia - Electricity

Many homes in Malaysia use electricity as their primary heating and energy sources. On the whole electricity supply is good although there are power cuts on occasion so be prepared for these.

Electrical System

Electricity in Malaysia has a standard voltage of 240v. The frequency is 50Hz. This is standard for major cities and in rural areas, the voltage can be between 220v and 240v.

Plus sockets are the standard three-pin type of plug. This means that all electrical appliances with a 240v plug three-pin plug are suitable for Malaysian electrical sockets.

Expats from Britain will not need an adaptor for electrical appliances. United States and other European countries expats will have to use an adaptor as the standard US and Continental Europe two-pin plugs are not suitable for use in Malaysia.

Electricity Suppliers in Malaysia

Energy suppliers in Malaysia are regulated by the state. The Department of Gas and Electricity Supply Act maintains price regulation. The main electricity supplier in Malaysia is Telaga Nasional Berhad. This is also the largest company in the whole of South East Asia. The only two areas which are not supplied by TNB are Sabah and Sarawak.

Most property owners, whether they live in their property or rent them out, will have the electricity in their own names. Although some landlords who have longer term tenants would prefer the tenant to register their names as tenants and this can be done at a local customer service centre of TNB.

Tenants and property owners can register for a supply of residential electricity online via the above website. The regional customer service centre can also be reached by telephone which has an English speaking version.

Telephone number: 15454 from inside Malaysia and this is the national number.

On registering for an electricity supply the following information is required:

- Valid identification
- Valid tenancy agreement which is stamped
- The owner of the properties consent in a written and signed letter
- Proof of occupancy and address such as a recent bank statement
- Payment fee and deposit of two months

Electricity Bills

You can manage your electricity bill online. Bills are generated on a monthly basis and you can read your meter and submit the reading online. If a meter reading is not submitted then an estimated bill is sent out. Meter readings by the customer can be done for three consecutive months; TNB will do a meter reading every fourth months and access must be given to their meter readers. You may have a call every month but if meter readers are unable to access the property then use the online facility to submit your own meter reading.

There is a range of options for paying your electricity bill:

- Direct Debit
- Online bank transfer
- Paying at an ATM machine. Most local banks will offer this service
- Paying in cash at local shops

Bills are payable within thirty days from the date of the bill. Penalties and charges will be applied to late payments. It is advisable to set up a direct debit payment to avoid late payments on bills. Malaysian companies are not happy with late payers and charges will be added by the day. All banks accept payment of electricity bills over the counter and you must present your bill for stamping.

Bills are printed in Malay and the key areas are highlighted below:

- Bill Eletrik – Electricity Bill; your tariff will be detailed here
- Bil Akhir - Previous bill amount will be displayed here
- Bayaran Akhir – Payment received from your last bill
- Kadar – Rate – this is the amount of electricity you are charged for
- Jumlah – This will detail consumption of electricity
- Jumlah Bil Bulan Semasa – Amount payable for the current period
- Jumlah Perlu Dibayar – This is the total amount payable for the whole period and the amount which has to be paid within thirty days.

You can receive your bill in paper form or choose an electronic version. A paper version is advisable at the start while you get into the habit of paying your monthly charges unless of course you’re an expert bill payer who pays immediately and is unlikely to forget to pay your bills. Avoid incurring those extra charges by paying promptly.

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