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Malaysia - Gas

Gas is supplied to many homes in Malaysia as a preferred choice for cooking. Certain areas of Malaysia out of the peninsula do not have mains gas. Major cities along the east coast of the peninsula have mains gas, while supply is more limited on the west coast. You can check on the website link further on in the article for a map of the mains gas supply in Malaysia.

Gas Supplier

If you move into a home which has a gas mains supply then the transfer of ownership of the account will need to be arranged. Energy companies are regulated by the state in Malaysia. The state keeps a close eye on price increases and ensures that such increases are reasonable and fair.

The largest supplier of mains gas in Malaysia is Gas Malaysia Berhad.

To have a gas account in your name the following information needs to be provided:

- Verifiable identification
- A letter from the owner which is signed giving your permission to transfer the account into your name (If you are a tenant)
- Your stamped tenancy agreement
- The deposit, stamp duty and connection fee.

To arrange this you will need to call the national number to find out the regional office of where to set up your account. A range of tariffs are available for residential customers.

Gas Bills

Gas bills are generated every two to three months and are due for payment twenty-five days from the date of the bill. Penalties will be applied on bills for the late payment of bills. Meters are read every three months at least although you can submit a regular meter reading of your own online. Bills can be paid online via the website and bills can be sent electronically or in paper form. You can also pay by direct debit, over the counter at banks and in shops. Your bill will be stamped and you will be provided with a receipt.

Telephone number: 03 9206 7800

Gas bills are in a standard format and here are the key areas which you will need to know so you can understand your bill.

- No akaun – Account number
- Jumaih Cagaran – Deposit paid
- Tekaan Bekalan – Name and address
- Jumaih yang Perlu di Dibayer RM – This is the total amount due
- Tarikh Akir Bayaran – Pay due date (Very important)

Safety and Emergencies

Having a gas supply can bring hazards into your home. Therefore as you would at home, you need to be aware of whom to call in the event of an emergency. Gas leaks are rare, but not unknown. Make sure that all your appliances are safe and meet safety standards. If you smell a leak from inside or outside your property you should call the number where an engineer will advise you.

If you smell gas then you should call the following free-phone number:


You should also evacuate your home and inform your neighbours if you smell gas in your home.

Bottled Gas

For homes which are not connected to the mains, which is more common in rural areas, then bottled gas is available and can be delivered by companies. Bottled gas is used outside of the Peninsula; mains gas is not available in these areas.

These are the two major companies who supply bottled gas and delivery can be arranged online or by telephone. This type of gas supply is usually paid for in advance and you will have to pay a deposit for the gas bottles. This is a one-off payment which is payable at the time of arranging your first delivery. All connecting lines for gas bottles should be safe and checked by a registered gas engineer. Hoses are required by law to be changed every two years.

Gas mains supplies have greatly improved as infrastructure within major cities has increased. It is becoming increasingly common for households to use gas for cooking. The gas industry is a major industry in Malaysia and supply is now far more widespread than in previous years.

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