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Mexico – Veterinary Care

Mexico is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse population. It also has a significant number of pet owners, which has resulted in an increasing demand for veterinary care services. In this article, we will explore the standard of veterinary care in Mexico, the national veterinary association in the country, and how to find English-speaking vets.

Standard of Veterinary Care in Mexico

The standard of veterinary care in Mexico is generally high, with many qualified veterinarians providing services to pets and livestock. Mexico has many veterinary schools that train students in the latest techniques and best practices in animal care. These schools provide comprehensive training, ensuring that graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide top-quality veterinary care.

In recent years, the Mexican government has implemented several initiatives to improve the standard of veterinary care in the country. For example, in 2018, the government launched the National Animal Health Program. The program aims to improve animal health and welfare and reduce the risk of disease transmission between animals and humans.

The Mexican veterinary profession is also regulated by the General Health Law and the Federal Animal Health Law. These laws govern the practice of veterinary medicine in the country and ensure that veterinarians adhere to high ethical and professional standards.

National Veterinary Association in Mexico

The national veterinary association in Mexico is the Mexican Veterinary Medical Association (AMMV). The association was founded in 1932 and has over 10,000 members, including veterinarians, technicians, and students. The AMMV works to promote animal health and welfare, as well as to advance the veterinary profession in Mexico.

The AMMV provides many services to its members, including continuing education, networking opportunities, and access to the latest research in the field. The association also works closely with the Mexican government to develop policies and initiatives that benefit the veterinary profession and promote animal welfare.

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Contact details for the AMMV are as follows:

Finding English-speaking Vets in Mexico

For expats or tourists in Mexico who do not speak Spanish, finding an English-speaking vet can be challenging. However, there are resources available that can help.

One option is to ask for recommendations from other expats or travelers. Many online communities and forums exist for expats and travelers in Mexico, and these can be a valuable resource for finding an English-speaking vet. Additionally, many veterinary clinics and hospitals in tourist areas or larger cities may have English-speaking staff or offer bilingual services.

Another option is to contact the U.S. Embassy or consulate in Mexico. They may be able to provide a list of English-speaking veterinarians in the area. Additionally, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has a database of accredited animal hospitals and clinics around the world, including in Mexico. The database can be searched by location and language, making it easy to find English-speaking veterinary services.

Availability of Vets in Mexico

Mexico has a high number of veterinary professionals, with many of them working in urban centers. The country has an abundance of veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and pet stores that offer veterinary services, making it easy for pet owners to find veterinary care.

In addition, many veterinarians in Mexico offer home visits for their clients, especially in rural areas where people may have difficulty transporting their pets to a veterinary clinic. This service can be especially helpful for elderly or disabled pet owners or for those with pets that are too large to transport easily.

Finding English Speaking Vets in Mexico

Finding an English speaking vet in Mexico may be challenging in some areas, especially in more rural areas where English may not be as widely spoken. However, in larger cities and tourist areas, there are many veterinarians who speak English.

One way to find an English speaking vet in Mexico is to search online for veterinary clinics or animal hospitals that specifically advertise English-speaking staff or services. Websites like Yelp and Google Maps also allow users to filter search results by language spoken.

Another option is to ask for recommendations from expat or travel groups online. Many people who have traveled to or live in Mexico with their pets may have recommendations for English-speaking veterinarians in the area.


Overall, veterinary care in Mexico is widely available and of good quality, with many veterinary professionals offering a range of services including home visits. While finding an English speaking vet may be more challenging in some areas, there are still many veterinarians who speak English, especially in larger cities and tourist areas. Pet owners in Mexico can rest assured that their pets will receive the care they need from qualified veterinary professionals.

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