How To Find A Job In The Netherlands

Citizens from European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries (as well as Switzerland) who are moving to the Netherlands are automatically entitled to Dutch work permission, which is essential to secure employment in the country. If you are from any country outside of these areas, it is likely that you will only be … Read more

How To Find A Job In Amsterdam

In recent times, employers in Amsterdam have started leaning towards offering their employees non-traditional hours, shortened work weeks and remote employment.The Netherlands is considered one of the best countries for a work/life balance and overall quality of life according to the latest surveys. It is also a great place for English-speaking expats to find employment … Read more

Why Are So Many Companies Moving To The Netherlands?

It’s no news to anyone that corporate Europe is in turmoil at present as a consequence of the UK’s decision to pull out of the European Union as well as the growing uncertainty around when Brexit will happen. But why are so many companies moving to the Netherlands? Which countries are they relocating from? And … Read more

An Expat Guide to Working in the Netherlands

With around 95% of the population in work, and unemployment continuing to fall, the Netherlands provides good prospects for those seeking work. The average annual salary is around 48,000 euros and workers aged 15 and above are entitled to a minimum wage.Work culture in the Netherlands The Netherlands is well known for its excellent work-life … Read more

Useful Job Hunting Tips For Expats Moving To The Netherlands

There are lucrative job opportunities available in the Netherlands for the right candidates. The recent years have seen jobs open up in various economic sectors such as services, trade, telecommunications and information technology. Here are some useful job-hunting tips for expats moving to the Netherlands. Working in the Netherlands Nationals of European Union (EU) countries, … Read more

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