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Norway – Finding Property to Rent

Popular Rental Areas for Expats in Norway

Norway, with its breathtaking natural landscapes, high living standards, and strong economy, attracts expats from around the world. There are several popular rental areas in Norway that cater to the needs and preferences of foreigners moving to the country. Here are examples of such areas and the reasons behind their popularity:


Why it’s Popular:

  • Economic Opportunities: Oslo is Norway’s economic and political capital, offering a wide range of job opportunities in various industries, including finance, technology, and shipping.
  • Cultural Hub: The city boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, galleries, theaters, and music venues.
  • Green Spaces: Despite being a bustling city, Oslo is surrounded by beautiful forests and is known for its commitment to sustainability.


Why it’s Popular:

  • Scenic Beauty: Bergen, known as the “Gateway to the Fjords,” offers stunning views of fjords and mountains, making it an ideal location for nature lovers.
  • University Town: Bergen is home to the University of Bergen, attracting students and academics from across the globe.
  • Rich History: The city’s historic architecture and cultural heritage add to its charm and appeal.


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Why it’s Popular:

  • Oil and Energy Industry: Stavanger is a hub for the offshore oil and gas industry, making it an attractive destination for professionals in this sector.
  • Outdoor Activities: The region offers opportunities for hiking, fishing, and water sports along its stunning coastline.
  • International Community: With its expat-friendly environment, Stavanger has a diverse and welcoming international community.


Why it’s Popular:

  • Arctic Adventures: Tromsø is a gateway to Arctic adventures, such as witnessing the Northern Lights and exploring the Arctic wilderness.
  • Academic Excellence: The city is home to the University of Tromsø, making it a magnet for students and researchers.
  • Cultural Events: Despite its remote location, Tromsø offers a lively cultural scene with festivals and events throughout the year.

Main Websites for Properties to Rent in Norway

Searching for rental properties in Norway is made easier by the presence of various online platforms and real estate websites. expats can explore numerous options and refine their search using the following websites:


Finn is one of Norway’s largest online marketplaces, offering a dedicated section for property rentals. It provides a wide range of listings, including apartments, houses, and cabins.


Hybel specializes in rental properties for students and young professionals. It’s a valuable resource for those seeking affordable accommodation near universities and urban centers.


Boligportal is a comprehensive platform for property rentals, offering a user-friendly interface and detailed property descriptions.


Eiendom.no provides a range of rental listings and property-related services, helping expats find suitable accommodation options.


Utleiemegleren is one of Norway’s largest letting agencies, specializing in property management and rentals across the country.

Websites Aimed at Expats

Expats in Norway can benefit from websites and forums designed to address their specific needs and challenges. These platforms offer valuable information and opportunities for networking:

Life in Norway

Life in Norway provides a wealth of information for expats, including articles on housing, healthcare, and cultural integration.


Expat.com hosts forums and guides for expats in Norway, facilitating discussions on various aspects of expat life, including accommodation.

Main Letting Agencies in Norway

Letting agencies in Norway offer professional services to expats seeking rental properties. They have local expertise and access to a wide range of properties:


Utleiemegleren is a leading letting agency in Norway, with branches in major cities. They specialize in property management and assist expats in finding suitable rentals.


Krogsveen is a well-established real estate agency that offers rental services and property management solutions for expats and locals.

Finn Eiendom

Finn Eiendom, a part of the Finn.no platform, provides professional assistance to individuals and families looking for rental properties across Norway.


OBOS is a cooperative housing association that also offers rental properties. They have a strong presence in the Oslo metropolitan area.

Other Ways to Find Property Rentals in Norway

In addition to online listings and letting agencies, expats in Norway can explore alternative methods to discover property rentals:

Local Newspapers: Some property listings may still be found in local newspapers, especially in smaller towns and communities.

Word of Mouth: Networking with locals, colleagues, and fellow expats can lead to rental opportunities through personal referrals.

Real Estate Open Houses: Attending open house events hosted by real estate agents allows expats to view properties in person and discuss rental options.

Social Media Groups: Many cities and regions in Norway have Facebook groups dedicated to property rentals, where landlords and tenants connect.

With a variety of resources and options available, expats in Norway can find the perfect rental property that suits their preferences and needs in this beautiful Scandinavian country.

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