A Guide To US Expat Accounts – Tom Zachystal From IAM

  Carlie: Welcome to another episode of the Expat Focus Podcast. I’m your host Carlie, an Australian expat in France, and today I’m joined by Tom Zachystal. He’s the President of IAM, a California-based investment management and financial planning firm that specializes in services for US expats. Now, Tom has been advising US expats for … Read more

Why US Brokerage Accounts Of Americans Are Being Closed – IRS Medic and Tom Zachystal

Guest hosts Claudine Gindel and Anthony Parent at IRS Medic talk to Tom Zachystal, founder of Individual Asset Management and Expat Focus partner, about why US brokerage accounts of Americans abroad are being closed down. Learn more about IRS Medic at www.irsmedic.com and follow their Parental Advisory podcast at www.parentaladvisoryshow.com. Contact Tom through his enquiry … Read more

US Expat Tiffany Parks Talks About Her Decision To Move Abroad

Guest host Katy Sewall from the Bittersweet Life podcast talks to her co-host Tiffany Parks in Rome about her decision to move abroad. Katy Sewall: Hello! I’m Katy Sewall. I’m a radio producer and former expat living in Seattle, and this episode’s guest host of the Expat Focus podcast. And today, I’m talking to Tiffany … Read more

Casey Bahr, American expat blogger in Costa Rica

Casey writes part-time on a variety of topics, including his family’s move and their ongoing adventures in Costa Rica, chronicled in his blog, A Dull Roar. In addition, he authors two other blogs and contributes articles to Hubpages about do-it-yourself projects, science and technology topics, amateur radio, life and humor.

Robin Pascoe of ExpatExpert.com

  In this episode we speak to Robin Pascoe of ExpatExpert.com about the joys and challenges of expat parenting. Robin is a well known expat author who aims to help families make the most of living, working and raising children abroad. Robin’s books are used by international school communities, global mobility practitioners, relocation specialists and … Read more