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Romania – Finding Property to Rent

Popular Rental Areas for Expats in Romania

Romania has become an increasingly attractive destination for expats due to its affordable cost of living, beautiful landscapes, and a growing job market. Expats moving to Romania often seek rental properties in areas that offer a blend of convenience, cultural experiences, and amenities. Here are some examples of popular rental areas for expats in Romania and the reasons behind their appeal:


Why it’s Popular:

  • Economic Hub: Bucharest is Romania’s capital and economic center, providing a wide range of job opportunities for expats.
  • Cultural Attractions: The city boasts museums, theaters, and historical sites, offering expats a rich cultural experience.
  • International Community: Bucharest has a diverse expat community, making it easier for newcomers to connect and socialize.


Why it’s Popular:

  • Academic Excellence: Cluj-Napoca is known for its prestigious universities, making it an ideal choice for expat students and academics.
  • Quality of Life: The city offers a high quality of life with beautiful parks, cultural events, and a vibrant nightlife.
  • IT Hub: It has emerged as a major IT hub in Romania, attracting tech professionals from around the world.


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Why it’s Popular:

  • Cosmopolitan Vibe: Timișoara has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a mix of architectural styles, outdoor cafes, and cultural diversity.
  • Business Opportunities: expats seeking business opportunities are drawn to Timișoara’s growing economy and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Green Spaces: The city offers numerous parks and green spaces, making it appealing to families and nature enthusiasts.


Why it’s Popular:

  • Scenic Beauty: Brasov is nestled in the Carpathian Mountains, providing stunning natural scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • Historical Charm: The city is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and charming old town.
  • Relaxed Lifestyle: Expats looking for a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle often choose Brasov for its tranquil surroundings.

Main Websites for Properties to Rent in Romania

Finding rental properties in Romania has become more convenient with the help of various online platforms and real estate websites. These websites offer a wide range of options and user-friendly search features:


Imobiliare.ro is one of the largest real estate websites in Romania, offering an extensive selection of rental properties, including apartments, houses, and commercial spaces.

OLX Romania

OLX is a popular online marketplace where individuals and real estate agencies list rental properties, providing a diverse range of options across the country.


Imopedia is another valuable resource for rental property listings in Romania. It offers a user-friendly interface and various search filters.

expats.com – Romania Classifieds

Expats.com features a dedicated section for Romania where expats often post rental listings, making it a useful platform for newcomers.

Main Letting Agencies in Romania

Letting agencies in Romania can provide valuable assistance to expats searching for rental properties. They offer services such as property searches, negotiations, and lease agreements. Here are some of the main letting agencies:

RE/MAX Romania

RE/MAX is a well-established international real estate franchise with offices across Romania, offering a wide range of properties for rent.

Coldwell Banker Romania

Coldwell Banker is a global real estate company with a presence in Romania, providing rental services and property management solutions.

Bucharest Homes

Bucharest Homes specializes in residential properties and offers personalized assistance to expats looking for rental homes in Bucharest.

Rocca Imobiliare

Rocca Imobiliare is a Romanian real estate agency that caters to both local and international clients, assisting with property rentals and sales.

Other Ways to Find Property Rentals in Romania

In addition to online platforms and letting agencies, there are alternative methods to discover property rentals in Romania:

Local Newspapers: Some local newspapers in major cities like Bucharest may have classified ads featuring rental listings.

Word of Mouth: Networking with locals and other expats can lead to valuable rental leads, especially in close-knit communities.

Real Estate Expos: Attending real estate exhibitions and property expos in Romania can provide direct access to landlords and property managers.

Social Media Groups: Joining expat and housing-related groups on social media platforms can help expats connect with landlords and find available rental properties.

Expats moving to Romania have various resources at their disposal to find the ideal rental property that suits their preferences and lifestyle. Whether they prefer the bustling city life of Bucharest or the serene beauty of Brasov, Romania offers diverse rental opportunities for expats.