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Singapore - Electricity

Setting up your utilities in Singapore is not a difficult process and, in most cases, they will be turned on in a day or two. Depending on how you apply (in person, for instance) they might even be turned on within 24 hours. Electricity, piped gas and water in Singapore are supplied by SP Services.

To obtain a utilities account for your residence under your name, call the SP Services hotline listed below. You can also walk into any of the customer service centers. When applying for a utilities account, you will need to place a refundable deposit as well as bring the required documents for turning on new services. The exact amount of the deposit depends on the type of housing you live in. This deposit is returned to you when your account is terminated / closed, and after the last bill has been paid in full.

The national services provider is Singapore Power:

Singapore Power
Orchard P O Box 341, Singapore 912312
Tel: 1800 222 2333
Fax: 6823 8229

A single utilities account is needed to access electricity, gas and water supplies, as well as refuse collection. You must be over the age of 21 in order to open an account. You can sign up using fax, phone, mail, in person, or online. To sign up for a new account you will need:

· a completed application form
· a completed bank giro form
· an Identity Card (IC) (or National Registration Identity Card NRIC) number of the householder or Permanent Resident, or a copy of an Employment Pass if a foreigner
· Documentary proof of occupation of premises, e.g. Tenancy Agreement or property tax
· A deposit

The deposit is based upon the type of premises you are occupying as well as your nationality. For instance, a permanent resident or Singaporean in a 1 or 2 room HDB property would pay $40 if they were a GIRO customer or $60 if they are a non-GIRO customer. In a townhouse or bungalow, the deposit is $250 for a GIRO customer and $400 for a non-GIRO customer. On the other hand, a non-Singaporean or non-permanent resident would pay $500 for a bungalow or townhouse if they were a GIRO customer or $800 if they were a non-GIRO customer. The deposit can also be billed into your account and be reflected in your first bill.

Your bill will reflect four components. These are the energy cost, MSS fee, network cost, and market admin & PSO fee. The energy cost is adjusted on a quarterly basis to reflect any changes in electricity costs.

Meters are read once every two months. During the month in which your meter is not read, the energy consumption is estimated based on the previous reading. Billing occurs every month and you can elect to receive paperless bills if you so desire. Your bill can be paid by post, online, or in person at one of the service centers.

The current price of electricity is 27.27 cents per kWh. Gas prices are 21.36 cents per kWh. Water prices are $1.17 per cubic meter.

The electrical outlets in Singapore comply to British Standard, although they are not compatible with US operating voltage. The voltage is 220V-240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second. You will find that the UK standard 3-pin, square shaped plugs are used locally. Ensure that you have an electric step-down adaptor before you plug in any of your US appliances. If you do not have the proper adaptor then you might blow a fuse in your unit, or even in the living space that you are attempting to plug the unit into.

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