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How To Find A Job In Singapore

Singapore is home to one of the most secure economies in the world, and its workforce includes high numbers of expats, making it a popular choice for foreign citizens looking to work abroad. Singaporean employers are often keen to acquire skilled workers from other countries and salaries can therefore be extremely competitive. Unemployment is low at 2.2% and society is multicultural with many employees hailing from other parts of Asia, particular ...    more ...

What Does Singapore's Salary Crash Mean For Expats?

It may be clichéd to say that Singapore is where east meets west, but the cliché has been true for centuries. The Lion City was a strategic trading post when sailing ships raced to bring silks, teas and spices back to Europe. In recent years, the city-state became an economic titan, with billions of dollars of financial trades buzzing through the veins of this small-but-mighty nation.    more ...

An Expat Guide To Salaries in Singapore

One of the first questions on the lips of every expat when considering moving to a new country is “how much will I earn?” shortly followed by “how far will that get me?” Of course naturally, these are some of our primary concerns, especially if we have dependants to look after as well as ourselves. It’s useful to get at least a rough gauge of salary expectations and cost of living to come to come to an informed decision about whether th ...    more ...

Why Moving To Singapore Will Help Your Business Grow Faster

(c) suyashdixit on Pixabay
Singapore is one of the best destinations in the world to set up your own business. Adventurous businesspeople who are ready to take a few risks will benefit greatly from striking out on their own.

One thing to remember, however, is that it’s not so much about starting out as it is about growing the company and enabling it to thrive. There are new ideas every day and the competition only gets more intense, so a key factor to success is help ...    more ...

Why Are Senior Professional Expats Leaving Hong Kong For Singapore?

© Mike Behnken
Hong Kong was king, but Singapore is usurping its crown.

A hectic, eclectic mix of Chinese and British colonial culture, Hong Kong became an economic powerhouse, a meeting place for Eastern industry and western finance. The skyscrapers that loom over the harbour stand testament to Hong Kong’s hard-won spot at the high table of global finance.    more ...

Expat Employment in Singapore - A Brief Overview

The economy in Singapore has been based around its healthy status as a world trade hub since at least 1869, and its per capita income was one of the highest in Asia even before its 1965 declaration of independence from the British Empire. It is now classified as one of the four "Asian Tiger" economies along with Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, and is certainly comparable in living standard to the non-"Tiger" of Japan. A low rate of corruption ...    more ...

Trends in the Singapore Job Market

According to the Singapore Workforce 2012 report compiled by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the employment rate in the island city hit a new high in 2012, driven by strong job vacancy growth and a greater number of women and older workers in the workforce. The average unemployment rate has been around 2 percent for the last 10 years, which is considered low compared to even emerging countries in the region such as Vietnam and India. This may be ...    more ...

Expat Salaries in Singapore - A Basic Primer

When moving to Singapore, it’s always helpful have an idea of the salary benchmark for your industry, job function and years of experience so that you know your worth in the labour market. This information can provide you with a good idea of what to look out for during a job search, when making career decisions, or when negotiating your remuneration and benefits.

Firstly, if you are a foreigner looking for work in Singapore, you may want to ...    more ...

Want To Work In Singapore? Read Our Job Hunting Tips First!

Singapore reports an average 2 percent unemployment rate and enjoys a vibrant job market despite some economic headwinds blowing in from some of the largest global economies in the world. With the nation being ranked number 1 as the best place to do business and the top Asian country for its quality of life (Worldwide Quality of Living Index 2010), it is no wonder it was ranked the best place for wealthy expats in a recent survey by HSBC Bank. Ar ...    more ...

Networking Tips for New Expats in Singapore

by Alexandra Sheehan

The expat community in Singapore is a huge, dynamic group of individuals. You will have no problem whatsoever finding a group of non-locals to relate to and hang out with. However, because of its unique cultural makeup, Singapore has a very different social scene than what you may be used to, one of the reasons why it is such a great place to be an expat.

Making connections

The population in this country is large ...    more ...

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