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Slovakia – Finding Property to Rent

Popular Rental Areas for Expats in Slovakia

Slovakia, with its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and growing economy, is becoming an attractive destination for expats seeking new opportunities and experiences. The country offers various rental areas that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of expats. Here are some examples of popular rental areas for expats in Slovakia and the reasons behind their appeal:


Why it’s Popular:

  • Capital City: Bratislava, as the capital of Slovakia, is a major economic and cultural hub, attracting expats for its diverse job opportunities and vibrant lifestyle.
  • International Community: Expats can easily find a supportive international community in Bratislava, making it easier to adapt to the new environment.
  • Historic Charm: The city boasts historic architecture, charming old-town streets, and cultural attractions that appeal to expats interested in history and culture.


Why it’s Popular:

  • Eastern Slovakia: Kosice, located in the eastern part of Slovakia, is an emerging city with growing economic prospects, making it appealing to expats seeking opportunities in this region.
  • Education and Culture: The city is known for its universities, cultural events, and a burgeoning arts scene, making it attractive to students and those interested in the arts.
  • Affordability: Kosice offers a more affordable cost of living compared to some Western European cities, which can be appealing to expats on a budget.


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Why it’s Popular:

  • Historic Significance: Nitra, one of Slovakia’s oldest cities, has a rich history and cultural heritage that can be appealing to expats interested in heritage tourism.
  • Educational Opportunities: Nitra is home to the Slovak University of Agriculture, attracting students and researchers from various countries.
  • Tranquil Environment: The city offers a quieter and more peaceful living environment compared to larger cities, making it suitable for expats looking for a relaxed lifestyle.


Why it’s Popular:

  • Industrial Hub: Zilina is known for its industrial and manufacturing sector, attracting expats working in these industries.
  • Scenic Surroundings: The city is surrounded by the beautiful Mala Fatra and Velka Fatra mountains, offering outdoor enthusiasts a range of recreational activities.
  • Accessibility: Zilina’s location in the northwestern part of Slovakia provides convenient access to neighboring countries like the Czech Republic and Poland.

Main Websites for Properties to Rent in Slovakia

Searching for rental properties in Slovakia has become increasingly accessible through online platforms and real estate websites. These websites offer a wide range of options and user-friendly search features:


Sreality.sk is one of the largest real estate websites in Slovakia, offering a comprehensive listing of rental properties, including apartments, houses, and commercial spaces.


Nehnutelnosti.sk provides an extensive database of rental listings, making it a valuable resource for expats searching for properties to rent in Slovakia.


Expats.sk is a platform designed specifically for expats living in Slovakia. It offers rental listings, along with information on local services and expat community events.


Reality.sk is another popular real estate website that features rental properties and provides valuable insights into the Slovak real estate market.

Main Letting Agencies in Slovakia

In addition to online platforms, many real estate agencies operate in Slovakia, assisting expats in finding rental properties. Here are some of the main letting agencies in the country:

Lexxus Norton

Lexxus Norton is a well-established real estate agency with a presence in major Slovak cities. They offer a range of rental properties and services to expats.


Renting is a real estate agency specializing in rental properties, providing assistance to expats in finding suitable accommodations in Slovakia.

Balox Reality

Balox Reality is a real estate agency offering a variety of rental listings, with a focus on delivering personalized service to expats.

Bratislava Real Estate

Bratislava Real Estate specializes in properties in the capital city and offers rental options tailored to the needs of expats.

Other Ways to Find Property Rentals in Slovakia

Expats in Slovakia can explore various methods beyond online listings and real estate agencies to find rental properties:

Local Newspapers: Some local newspapers, like “Pravda” and “SME,” may feature classified ads for rental properties.

Word of Mouth: Networking within expat communities and among local contacts can lead to valuable rental opportunities.

University Bulletin Boards: For expat students, university bulletin boards often have listings for rooms or apartments available for rent.

Local Notice Boards: In smaller towns and neighborhoods, physical notice boards are sometimes used to advertise rental properties.

Expats in Slovakia have a variety of resources at their disposal to find rental accommodations that suit their preferences and needs. Whether it’s the bustling capital city of Bratislava, the emerging eastern city of Kosice, or the tranquil surroundings of Nitra, Slovakia offers diverse options for expats looking to make this beautiful country their home.