How To Find A Job In Spain

If you are an expat trying to find a job in Spain, you may notice that there are currently very few jobs to go around, particularly if you are restricted to vacancies suitable only for English-speakers. However, it is still possible to secure employment in Spain, especially if you have certain skills.As a citizen of … Read more

Employee Documentation In Spain – What You Need To Know

At the end of May this year, the Spanish government updated the rules for companies hiring expat workers in the country. In light of this—and given the complexities of Spanish law for foreigners working in the European Union’s fifth-largest economy—we’ve put together a guide to work permits and employee documentation in Spain.Firstly, citizens of non-EU … Read more

An Expat Guide To Self-Employment In Spain

Being self-employed provides a level of freedom that many find attractive. But before you move to Spain and start working from a laptop on the beach, you need to make sure you’re properly registered and set up as a freelancer in the system.Below is a handy guide to the most important things you need to … Read more

The Pros And Cons Of Being Self-Employed In Spain

There’s no doubt that Spain’s sunny climate is a big attraction for many people, particularly those from the UK and northern Europe. As technology advances, so does the enthusiasm to become self-employed and be an entrepreneur of sorts and for many, particularly for those working in the digital world, relocating overseas becomes a viable proposition. … Read more

How Do You Find A Job In Spain As An Expat?

Spain has been a dream destination for expats of all ages from around the world because of its lifestyle, standard of living, culture, weather and beauty. However, the cost of living in this country isn’t the lowest, and therefore it is essential that you consider your source of income carefully before moving. Many expats from … Read more

Running Your Own Business In Spain – Five Things You Need To Know

Spain is often regarded as a “dream destination” for expats from all over the world because of its inviting climate, warm people, sunny beaches, natural beauty, delectable cuisine and rich culture. Several expats, especially from the UK and the US, move to Spain with the intentions of starting up their own business, as the local … Read more

Starting A Small Business In Spain – 5 Things You Should Know

Starting your own business is a dream for many people – it opens up the possibility of higher earnings, it brings freedom from a regular employment, and doesn’t involve many of the work-related restrictions that go with a regular job. But of course it also comes with a few potential downsides. For one, there isn’t … Read more

Working In Spain – Still An Option?

by Rob Innis It is no secret that the Spanish economy, along with most of Europe, has taken a battering with the current financial downturn referred to here as the ‘crisis.’ Unemployment is running at record high levels – so does that mean job opportunities are zero? Here on the Costa Blanca the boom years … Read more

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