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Switzerland – Veterinary Care

Switzerland is known for its high standards of healthcare, and veterinary care is no exception. Pet owners in Switzerland have access to well-trained veterinarians and modern facilities that offer a wide range of services for animals. This article will explore the standard of veterinary care in Switzerland, the national veterinary association, and the availability of English speaking vets.

Standard of Veterinary Care in Switzerland

Switzerland has a high standard of veterinary care, and the country’s veterinarians are required to meet strict standards before they can practice. The Swiss Veterinary Medical Association (SVS) is responsible for ensuring that veterinarians in Switzerland adhere to high standards of veterinary care.

The SVS also provides continuing education for veterinarians to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest advances in veterinary medicine. This commitment to continuing education ensures that veterinarians in Switzerland provide the best possible care for their animal patients.

Switzerland also has a strong emphasis on preventative healthcare for animals. This includes regular check-ups, vaccinations, and parasite prevention. Pet owners in Switzerland are encouraged to take their animals for regular check-ups to detect any health issues early and to prevent potential health problems from developing.

National Veterinary Association in Switzerland

The Swiss Veterinary Medical Association (SVS) is the national veterinary association in Switzerland. The SVS represents the interests of veterinarians in Switzerland and ensures that they meet high standards of veterinary care. The association is also responsible for ensuring that veterinarians in Switzerland have access to continuing education to keep their skills up-to-date.

The SVS has a website where pet owners can find information about veterinary care in Switzerland. The website provides information about the association, its members, and veterinary care in general. The website is available in German, French, and Italian, the official languages of Switzerland.

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Contact details:

Swiss Veterinary Medical Association (SVS)
Belpstrasse 37
3007 Bern

Phone: +41 (0)31 307 35 35
Email: info@gtv-fst.ch
Website: https://www.gtv-fst.ch/

Finding English Speaking Vets in Switzerland

Switzerland has a diverse population, and many expats live in the country. For pet owners who do not speak the official languages of Switzerland, finding an English speaking vet can be important. There are several ways to find English speaking vets in Switzerland:

  1. Online directories: There are several online directories that list English speaking vets in Switzerland. Some popular directories include English Forum Switzerland, Angloinfo, and Just Landed.

  2. Word of mouth: Pet owners can ask other expats or locals if they know of any English speaking vets in the area.

  3. International veterinary clinics: Some veterinary clinics in Switzerland cater specifically to expats and offer services in English. These clinics are typically located in major cities such as Zurich, Geneva, and Bern.

  4. Embassies and consulates: Embassies and consulates may have information about English speaking vets in Switzerland and can provide recommendations to pet owners.

Pet owners in Switzerland can also ask their local veterinarian if they know of any English speaking vets in the area.

Availability of Vets in Switzerland

Finding a veterinary clinic or hospital in Switzerland is relatively easy, as there are many options available throughout the country. In addition to private clinics and hospitals, there are also numerous animal welfare organizations and shelters that provide veterinary services.

To find a veterinary clinic or hospital in Switzerland, you can search online using keywords such as “veterinary clinic Switzerland” or “animal hospital Switzerland.” This will give you a list of options in your area, along with their contact information, services provided, and customer reviews.

If you are looking for English-speaking vets in Switzerland, there are several options available. Many of the larger clinics and hospitals have staff who speak English, and some even have English-speaking veterinarians specifically for international clients. Some clinics also offer translation services to assist with communication.

One such clinic is the Animal Hospital of Zurich (Tierspital Zürich), which is affiliated with the University of Zurich and is one of the largest veterinary hospitals in Switzerland. They have a team of English-speaking veterinarians who are experienced in treating a wide range of animal species, including dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. They also have a 24-hour emergency service.

Another option for English-speaking veterinary care in Switzerland is the Animal Emergency Center Zurich (Tierklinik Hirslanden). This clinic specializes in emergency and critical care for animals and has a team of experienced veterinarians who speak English. They offer 24-hour emergency services and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for advanced diagnostics and treatment.


Overall, veterinary care in Switzerland is of a high standard, with well-trained and experienced veterinarians and access to modern equipment and facilities. The country also has several animal welfare organizations and shelters that provide veterinary services to those in need.

There is also a national veterinary association in Switzerland, which promotes high standards of veterinary care and provides resources and support for veterinarians throughout the country. With the availability of both private clinics and hospitals, as well as animal welfare organizations, finding veterinary care in Switzerland is relatively easy, and English-speaking veterinarians are also available to assist international clients.