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Taiwan – Buses and Trams

Taiwan’s transportation system is highly efficient, with a variety of options available to locals and tourists alike. Among these, buses and trams are popular modes of transportation. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the bus and tram systems in Taiwan, including the quality of service, ticketing options, and where to find more information.

Overall Standard of Buses in Taiwan

The overall standard of buses in Taiwan is excellent. Buses in Taiwan are modern, clean, and comfortable, making them an excellent option for transportation around the island. There are several types of buses in Taiwan, including:

  • City Buses: These buses operate within the cities and towns of Taiwan.
  • Intercity Buses: These buses operate between cities and towns in Taiwan.
  • Tour Buses: These buses are specifically designed for tourism and provide guided tours of the island.

Domestic Bus and Long-Distance Coach Services within Taiwan

Taiwan’s bus system is comprehensive, and there are numerous bus companies operating throughout the island. Some of the most popular bus companies include:

  • Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport Co., Ltd.
  • UBus Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
  • Aloha Bus

There are also several long-distance coach services operating in Taiwan, including:

  • Taiwan High-Speed Rail
  • Taiwan Bus Corp.

These long-distance coach services are an excellent option for traveling between cities on the island.

Finding Information on Bus Timetables, Ticket Prices, and Companies

There are several ways to find information on bus timetables, ticket prices, and companies in Taiwan. The easiest way is to visit the bus station and look for the information desk. Most bus stations have an information desk where you can find information on schedules, ticket prices, and routes.

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Alternatively, you can visit the websites of the various bus companies operating in Taiwan. These websites usually have information on schedules, ticket prices, and routes. Some of the most popular bus company websites include:

Bus Ticket Types and How to Buy Them

There are several types of bus tickets available in Taiwan, including:

  • Single Ride Tickets: These tickets are for one-way trips and are valid for a limited period.
  • Prepaid Cards: These cards are rechargeable and offer discounts on fares.
  • Day Passes: These passes allow for unlimited rides within a specified period.

You can buy bus tickets at the bus station, onboard the bus, or online. Some bus companies offer online booking options through their websites.

Tram System in Taiwan

Taiwan has one tram system in operation, which is located in Kaohsiung City. The Kaohsiung Light Rail Transit System (KLRTS) was opened in 2018 and operates on a single line with 14 stations. The system provides a convenient way for tourists and locals to travel around the city.


Buses and trams are important modes of transportation in many countries, and it’s essential to know how to navigate them as a visitor or expat. In Taiwan, the bus system is extensive and efficient, and the metro system in Taipei is a great way to get around the city. Taxis and ride-hailing services are also readily available for those who prefer a more convenient mode of transportation. By knowing the ins and outs of these systems, you can make the most of your time in Taiwan and explore all the country has to offer.