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Taiwan – Buying or Importing a Car

Taiwan is a vibrant country with a well-developed automotive industry. Whether you are a foreigner residing in Taiwan or a traveler visiting for a few months, you may consider purchasing or importing a vehicle. In this article, we will provide you with information on buying and importing a vehicle in Taiwan, including the relevant government departments you need to contact.

Buying a New or Used Car in Taiwan

Foreigners who are residing in Taiwan with a valid resident visa are eligible to buy a new or used car in the country. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Research and choose your preferred car: You can visit car dealerships, websites, and online car markets to compare the models, prices, and features of the car you want to buy.

  2. Apply for a driver’s license: To drive legally in Taiwan, you need to obtain a Taiwanese driver’s license. You can apply for a license at the Motor Vehicle Office of your local police department.

  3. Apply for a vehicle license: Once you have chosen your car, you need to apply for a vehicle license at the Motor Vehicle Office of your local police department. You will need to present your resident visa, driver’s license, and car registration certificate.

  4. Pay for the car: After the vehicle license is approved, you can proceed with the payment for the car.

  5. Complete the registration process: Once you have paid for the car, the dealer will help you complete the registration process and issue you a license plate.

Importing a Vehicle to Taiwan

Importing a vehicle to Taiwan can be a complicated process, and it’s important to understand the requirements and regulations before attempting to do so. There are several steps to follow when importing a car, including obtaining permits and approvals, paying taxes and fees, and registering the vehicle with the government.

Step 1: Obtain Import Permit

The first step in importing a vehicle to Taiwan is to obtain an import permit. To do this, you will need to contact the Bureau of Foreign Trade and provide them with the necessary documents, including the vehicle registration, proof of ownership, and invoice for the vehicle.

Step 2: Obtain Emissions and Safety Certificates

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Before importing a vehicle to Taiwan, it must meet certain safety and emissions standards. You will need to obtain a safety certificate from an approved inspection station in Taiwan. In addition, you will need to obtain an emissions certificate from the Environmental Protection Administration.

Step 3: Pay Taxes and Fees

When importing a vehicle to Taiwan, you will need to pay a number of taxes and fees, including customs duties, value-added tax, and commodity tax. The amount of these taxes and fees will depend on the value of the vehicle, as well as its age and condition.

Step 4: Register the Vehicle

After obtaining all necessary permits and approvals, you will need to register the vehicle with the government. This involves obtaining license plates, registering the vehicle with the police, and obtaining a vehicle inspection.

Relevant Government Departments

Selling a Car in Taiwan

If you plan to sell a car in Taiwan, you will need to follow certain procedures and obtain certain paperwork.


To sell a car in Taiwan, you will need to transfer the ownership to the buyer. This involves completing a transfer of ownership form, which can be obtained from the Motor Vehicles Office. You will also need to provide the buyer with the vehicle registration, license plates, and any other necessary paperwork.


When selling a car in Taiwan, you will need to provide the buyer with the following paperwork:

  • Transfer of ownership form
  • Vehicle registration
  • License plates
  • Receipts for any taxes or fees paid
  • Vehicle inspection certificate

It’s important to make sure that all paperwork is complete and accurate, as any errors or omissions can delay the transfer of ownership.

Relevant Government Department

Buying or importing a vehicle in Taiwan can be a complex process, but by following the necessary steps and obtaining the proper paperwork, you can ensure a successful transaction. It’s important to stay informed about the regulations and requirements, and to seek guidance from relevant government departments as needed.