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Taiwan – Postal Service

Taiwan’s postal service, Chunghwa Post, is a government-run organization that provides a wide range of mail and package delivery services to customers within Taiwan and internationally. In this article, we will explore the details of the postal service in Taiwan, including major service providers, speed and reliability, additional services offered, delivery coverage, writing addresses, and postcodes.

Major Service Providers

As mentioned, Chunghwa Post is the main postal service provider in Taiwan. It was established in 1886 and has since become a trusted and reliable service for both domestic and international mail and package delivery. Other major service providers include private courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS, which offer express delivery services for urgent packages and documents.

Speed and Reliability

Chunghwa Post offers several different delivery options for customers based on their needs, including regular, expedited, and registered mail. In general, the speed and reliability of the postal service in Taiwan is considered to be good, with most packages and mail arriving within a reasonable time frame. Chunghwa Post also has a track and trace system in place, which allows customers to check the status of their packages at any time.

Private courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS generally offer faster delivery times than Chunghwa Post, but at a higher cost.

Additional Services

Chunghwa Post offers a variety of additional services at post offices throughout Taiwan, including:

  • Financial services such as money orders, foreign currency exchange, and savings account services
  • Philatelic services for collectors, including commemorative stamps and first-day covers
  • Paying bills and purchasing insurance policies
  • Selling postal supplies such as envelopes, boxes, and packing materials
  • Selling souvenirs and gift items

Delivery Coverage

Chunghwa Post delivers mail and packages to every home and business in Taiwan. However, there may be certain remote areas that are not covered by regular mail delivery. In these cases, customers may need to pick up their mail and packages at a nearby post office.

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Writing Addresses

When writing an address in Taiwan, it is important to follow the correct format to ensure that the mail or package is delivered to the correct location. The standard format for a Taiwanese address is:

[Recipient Name][Street Name and Number][Neighborhood or District][City/Town][Postal Code][Taiwan]

For example:

Ms. Lin Mei-Ling
No. 15, Lane 60, Longquan St.
Zhonghe District
New Taipei City 235


Postcodes in Taiwan are six-digit numbers and are written after the name of the city or town in the address. They are used to facilitate mail and package delivery and to help ensure accurate sorting and delivery. Postcodes can be looked up online using the Chunghwa Post website or through various third-party websites.

Overall, the postal service in Taiwan is reliable and efficient, with Chunghwa Post providing a wide range of services for customers both domestically and internationally. Private courier companies also offer fast and reliable delivery options for urgent packages and documents. With additional services offered at post offices, full delivery coverage, and a clear format for writing addresses, sending mail and packages in Taiwan is a simple and straightforward process.