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United Kingdom (UK) - Gas

The United Kingdom offers a different utility system than you might be used to if you are from the United States. Energy and gas utility companies in each area can be compared to find the best possible price. Companies are highly competitive, which keeps rates relatively fair. This enables you to choose the best energy and gas company to suit your needs. There are, however, some limitations to the system. Not all companies serve the greater United Kingdom. There are some companies specific to regions such as those servicing Northern Ireland. A couple of companies like nPower service Wales, Scotland, and England. Plenty of websites allow you to choose between companies, even going so far as to help you with the process of switching suppliers.

Getting Connected

Obtaining a connection for gas is fairly simple if there is already a meter in place. If your home is a new build, the process can be slightly longer since a meter for gas usage will need to be installed.

You can get connected online or via phone. You will need to submit your name, address, user type and whether the residence is temporary or permanent. When you first sign up for service with a new company you will often need to complete a credit check. You may need to submit your national identification number if you have one.

If your home has already had service then you will need to make certain the current gas company has been contacted regarding your connection. The service may already be disconnected, in which case you will have to decide whether you want to use the same company or if you want to switch. The process and documentation are the same. The only difference is you may see a bill from the previous company who supplied your gas before the switch. The final bill, if it is yours because you decided to switch companies, will need to be paid. You then should see a bill from your new company.

Gas bills and meter readings are usually conducted on a quarterly basis; however, there are some payment plan options depending on your income and qualifications.

What to do if you Smell Gas

If you arrive home in your flat or house and smell gas, you should remain outside and call the emergency call centre or the national gas hotline. Emergency response will arrive to test your home and determine whether it is safe to enter. If there is a gas leak, a qualified technician will need to come out and conduct repairs before you are able to go back inside.

Inspections and Maintenance of Gas Appliances and Lines

In the United Kingdom, letting agents must have all the gas appliances, including the boiler, inspected every 12 months. If you are a homeowner it is recommended that you have someone come out to your home each year to conduct an inspection, however by law you are not held to the same regulations as a landlord or letting agent. The Health and Safety Executive provides further details on the safety of gas appliances in the home.

Other Details about Gas Supply

In the United Kingdom gas lines are typically used to supply the homes. There are individual small bottled gas tanks that can be used outside. These bottled gas tanks are for barbeques, RVs, and other outdoor equipment you may have at your home. Typically, large gas tanks to supply an entire house are not used, though they can sometimes be found in rural areas. It is possible to acquire an above-ground gas tank, which may also require different regulations for inspection and maintenance.

Finding Gas Suppliers

Meter Point Administration Services

The Meter Point Administration Services numbers provide a gateway to the list of United Kingdom suppliers. There is an overall number covering the whole of the UK, as well as country-specific numbers.

United Kingdom Main Number: +44(0) 870 608 1524

Scotland +44(0) 870 900 9690

England +44(0) 845 601 3268

Wales +44(0) 845 270 9101

Local Gas Suppliers

These service suppliers provide gas and most also offer electricity.



Better Energy


Scottish power

British Gas

EDF Energy

Sainsbury’s Energy

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