How To Find A Job In The UK

Your ability to find employment in the UK will depend to a certain degree on what happens after Brexit. However, the UK and EU governments seem keen to establish a reciprocal relationship that benefits all parties. For example, the UK government has recently announced that it does not intend to deport EU citizens who have […]

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How Will The UK’s New Rules Affect Expat Contractors?

Officially known as the Intermediaries Legislation, the Off-Payroll workers’ rules or IR35 takes its name from the original 1999 press release published by the then Inland Revenue (now HMRC) announcing its creation.Part of the Finance Act, the IR35 ‘working through an intermediary’ involves applying three main principles to determine one’s employment status: • The degree […]

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New To London: How To Find A Co-Working Space

If you’ve just moved to London and have a remote job, or you’re a freelancer who needs a working space that isn’t your kitchen table, worry not; the British capital is full of excellent co-working spaces nowadays!The hard part is finding the one that is right for you, so here’s a roundup of the best […]

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Networking In London: A Guide For Self-Employed Expats

As any self-employed person will tell you, there are pros and cons to the lifestyle that so many people covet. Whilst many people perceive freelancing as a dream come true and will tell you how lucky you are to work for yourself, do what you love, set your own hours and so on, we all […]

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What Might Brexit Mean For Expats Working In London?

In another article, we looked at how the UK’s exit from the EU was likely to affect the country as a whole. Numerous studies, including the government’s own, showed that rural and industrial parts of the UK were the areas most likely to suffer. The midlands and northern England could face a 20 percent slowdown […]

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Report: Number Of EU Citizens Looking For Work In The UK Declines In 2017

The arguments for and against Brexit were complicated, emotive and confusing. Although the public vote stirred strong emotions from all sides, the debate didn’t extend much further than that. Famously, the figures used by Vote Leave promised millions of reclaimed expenses to be committed to the NHS. These numbers were contested and shot full of […]

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Why 90% Of London City Workers Want To Move Abroad

Recruitment firm Astbury Marsden says that 90% of senior City staff say they are keen to move overseas, a rise from the 77% recorded the previous year. The main reason for this growth in numbers is apparently down to the European Union’s cap on bankers’ bonuses which restricts banks from paying more than a year’s […]

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Interview With Andrew Wigford, Managing Director, TIC Recruitment

Andrew, you're Managing Director at TIC Recruitment. Tell us a bit about your background and what brought you to this role. I was a teacher in the UK for several years before moving overseas to work at Mohne School in Germany, which was part of the Service Children’s Education Authority. I was then offered a […]

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