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Festivals, Food, And Finance

The expat life can be a hard slog, especially when you’re just getting set up. Working out which visas you need, navigating your adopted country’s bureaucracy, and finding a place to live can all present challenges. It’s therefore easy to forget why you moved abroad in the first place – for a taste of something new.This week, we have some suggestions to help get you back into the swing of enjoying your life abroad.

If you’re living in the Netherlands, here are some festivals you shouldn’t miss. And here’s a tongue-in-cheek guide to German culture for new expats.

Food is an integral part of life, as Zara Quiroga well knows. She’s written an ebook about Lisbon's cuisine, and we interviewed her about her experience of life abroad and why expats should consider Portugal’s capital as their next destination.

If you’re dreaming of lying back on a sun lounger and soaking up the rays rather than having to work a 9-to-5, Kathleen Peddicord has some advice to help you afford it.

If you’re moving to Canada, here’s a guide to permanent residence visas.

We have three international round-ups for you this week: healthcare, finance, and general expat news.

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Two expats shared their experience of life abroad with us this week: Anna in Spain, and Nicole in Grand Cayman.

Would you like to share your experience of life abroad with other readers? Answer the questions here to be featured in an interview!