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Finance, Fairs And First-Rate Bloggers

Along with our usual finance and healthcare updates that cover expat-related news all around the world, this week we also have articles about opening a bank account in Greece, and how to apply for an account abroad when you don’t have a credit rating.Another financial hot topic at the moment is that of Australian lifetime allowances – find out about recent changes and how they might affect you here.

Speaking of Australia, its southern states are looking for more expats – could you be one of them? Before you go, you might want to take a look at these blogs by expats who are already living Down Under.

The USA has been another focal point this week, with complicated tax codes forcing increasing numbers of American people to give up their citizenship. And of course, it’s not just taxes that are confusing in the USA; take a look at our guide to healthcare there, which might be able to help you navigate its labyrinthine systems.

If you haven’t yet decided where you’d like to move to, check out these expat fairs – if there’s one near you, it might help you to decide!

In other news, expat relocation packages are being downsized in Hong Kong; Allan Wilson tells us about his experience of life in Thailand; and we have some recommended blogs for you to read if you’re thinking of moving to Panama, Azerbaijan or the Bahamas.

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