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Healthcare, Childcare And Repatriation

Healthcare and childcare are two of the biggest concerns people have when they’re moving abroad, especially if it’s their first time living in a foreign country. This week, we’ve got you covered on both counts.Here’s a guide to early learning and childcare in Australia, a topic suggested by members of our Expats In Australia Facebook group.

If you’ve moved to Singapore with your family, here are some ideas for fun days out.

If you’re a disabled American expat moving abroad, here are some of the most accessible and healthcare-friendly destinations in the world.

If you’re moving to Malta, we have a guide to the healthcare system for you.

And of course, it’s not just physical health that needs to be taken care of. Moving abroad can be taxing psychologically as well, which is why we’ve put together an article on telephone counselling and how it can help expats.

Unfortunately, moving abroad isn’t always easy. Currently, Australian expat Genevieve Rogis is writing a column about her experience trying to get a relationship visa for the UK. Read the latest instalment here.

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Columnist Kathleen Peddicord is recommending this top Caribbean spot for expats.

The expat life isn’t always a permanent change; sometimes people decide to go home for any number of reasons. Here’s a brief guide to repatriation.

And finally, here are some social media accounts you might like to follow if you’re moving to Denmark, Ecuador or Egypt.

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