Overseas Medical Insurance

One of the primary considerations when thinking of international or overseas retirement is healthcare and medical insurance cover. Many USA citizens already are very familiar with medical and health insurance at home but have little knowledge of how such plans work overseas, or even of the standard of medical facilities, hospitals, doctors and so on, … Read more

Foreign property investment – understanding opportunity cost

by Alan Forsyth Understanding the Opportunity Cost of any decision you make is critical – to ensure you make the best choices to maximise your profits, long term earnings. While most investors have got involved in property investing because they understand the opportunities to make money through leverage and capital growth or high yields, I … Read more

The Trailing Spouse Learns Banking

Submitted by an Expat Focus reader Early on in our relationship, I decided to impress my would-be husband. I enrolled in a course on financial issues – learning all about bull markets, bear markets and share prices. I spent 12 weeks sitting in the hall of the Australian Stock Exchange learning about dividends and options. … Read more

Expat Budgeting and Cost Of Living

Most of us would love to be able not to worry about our monthly finances or the cost of living. Assuming for a moment that you’re not one of the super-rich, it’s probably a fair bet that you’ve researched the cost of living in your new home country or the country you’re thinking about moving … Read more

Spanish Capital Gains Tax

by Lucy Peacock from Home Espana Spanish tax laws are often confusing for Spaniards and non-Spaniards alike. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – the tax which you must pay on the profits from selling your home in Spain – is no exception. The following is a brief overview of the rules, which we hope will allow … Read more

Expat Bank Accounts Overseas – A Basic Guide

One of the most common answers given when expats are asked why they’re moving overseas is that they want to change their way of life and experience the culture of another country. It’s always a little odd therefore, to find that many seem very reluctant to change their bank as part of their international relocation. … Read more