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Remittances, Recycling And Residence Fees

One of the main reasons people move abroad is to be able to better support their families back home. Recently, however, remittances from Oman have been decreasing – we take a look at why that’s happening.In other financial news, we’ve put together a guide to salaries in Singapore, broken down by industry and experience level.

If you’re moving to Italy, you may want to take a look at the new residence fees and what they mean for you.

Here’s an overview of expat financial news around the world this month.

Another news item that concerns many expats is Britain’s exit from the European Union. Here’s an overview of the latest Brexit news and what it might mean for you.

If you’re living in London with children, here’s a guide to finding a good tutor. And at the other end of the UK, here’s columnist Jess Faraday’s amusing take on rubbish and recycling in Edinburgh.

Thinking of moving to Germany? Here’s how to get a work permit. Or if Kuwait’s more your scene, here’s how to start a business there.

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